This Travel Hack Will Change The Way You Spring Clean

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We know you're busy trying to master the Konmari Method for organizing your home, but there's a simpler way to clean up your closet this spring: bundling.

First, you'll have to wash, purge and figure out what you really want to be wearing again come fall. But then you'll want to learn the art of bundling, which is a surefire way to avoid wrinkles.

It's a technique that travel pros swear by, but it works just as well in an out-of-season storage box as it does in a suitcase. Here's how it's done:

  1. Lay your most wrinkle-prone items (such as a jacket) on a flat surface.
  2. Layer smaller items face up on top, overlapping sleeves and alternating the direction of each item as you go. (For pants and skirts, fold lengthwise and align the waistband with the left edge of the bundle.)
  3. Once you've got a pile of items to stow, place a book or other boxy item in the center and fold each garment's loose ends (i.e. sleeves) over it until you have a neat rectangle.
  4. Place the bundle in a storage bin until next season.


For a visual how-to, check out this video from Better Homes & Gardens.