Top 5 Best Last-Minute Labor Day 2014 Plans

Labor Day weekend is upon us. Did you forget to make plans? Check out some of these last-minute ideas ...

1. Book a hotel now!

Pick a place within a couple hours of your house, one that's an easy drive away and book it. The longer you delay your booking, the better deals you can get. Travel US News writes: Many hotels impose stay restrictions of up to three nights due to high travel demand during peak holidays, but when rooms remain empty days before much-anticipated holiday weekends, prices drop and stay requirements disappear. Waiting until the Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday before Labor Day could up your chances of nabbing a deal. So, figure out where you want to go and just leave early that day so you're not stuck in traffic. And, if you have an app like Hotel Tonight, you can figure out where to stay even while on the road.

2. Go camping.

You can either rent some equipment or bring what you own, whether it's a sleeping bag, cot, a tent, or a giant RV. And, if you can't find open cabins or camping grounds suitable to your needs, just do it in your backyard. Have a night under the stars with friends or loved ones. Roast marshmallows, make your meals over the fire, or maybe just fire some fire crackers and it'll feel just like you're away in the woods.

3. Go to a concert.

Hit up Ticketmaster to see which of your favorite bands, comedy acts, or entertainers are performing near you. Or, if they're at a distance, get some last minute concert tickets and take a road trip to see the show.

4. There are tons of people without plans for Labor Day weekend and I bet some of them are friends of yours.

Host a potluck gathering so you don't get stuck doing all the last-minute leg work. Everyone brings a dish and then you don't have to run to the store last minute and slave away on the stove. Check out some are recipe for Korean Pork Skewers for your Labor Day party by clicking here.

5. Cross something off your bucket list.

You may not have plans for Labor Day weekend, but you probably have a bucket list full of things you've always wanted to try. Complete at least one of these for the holiday and you'll end your weekend feeling accomplished. Here's some ideas to get you going: sing at a karaoke bar, go rock climbing, visit a nude beach, or go skydiving.