7 Common Cleaning Spots You're Missing


When you're doing a little bit of dusting and cleaning up this weekend, remember to do a thorough job. We often clean surfaces and things that are visible, but we forget about the hidden nooks and crannies in our homes. Here are some spots you may want to tackle today:

Under your cushions.

While you're vacuuming your floor, suck some of the grime out from beneath your sofa cushions.

Behind and underneath big pieces of furniture

Move heavy furniture and vacuum the dust collecting behind or underneath your bed, sofa, or other bulky pieces in your home.

Under your fridge

People often forget to clean under the fridge, so this weekend, try to roll your fridge from its usual spot and clean the floor beneath it.

Behind your toilet

When you're cleaning your toilet, remember to reach for the back and clean away!

Your remote control

Just grab a disinfectant wipe and quickly swipe your germy remote.

Telephone buttons

We use phones all the time, but rarely think about cleaning them. Use a disinfectant wipe and quickly wipe down your phone buttons.

Window tracks

We often clean the windows but forget about the window tracks. Use an old toothbrush and a cleaning solution of your choice (like vinegar) and scrub away.