Interested In Helping Your Baby’s Senses Develop?

Image via: BigStockPhoto

Image via: BigStockPhoto

By Expert Contributor Katie Kovaleski

Your baby’s senses are rapidly developing, especially in the first year of life. A baby’s senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste can be fostered, encouraged and strengthened by taking the time to work with them and creating fun activities that they will enjoy. published a great article that details all of the changes and ways your baby’s senses develop during their first year of life. Your baby's developing senses also discusses ways to help your baby’s senses develop and become stronger though different exercises and gives fun, creative tips.

For example, below are some ideas about how to help your baby develop their sense of taste:

  • “Seating your baby at the dinner table so he can watch you eat. The more he sees you enjoying yourself–by saying “yum” after you take a bite, for instance–the more open he’ll be to trying new foods, says Dr. Pelchat.

  • Combating your baby’s reluctance to sample new things once you start him on solids by saying, “Oh good, more for me” and eating some of his portion. You’re showing him that you think the food is tasty, and he may wind up wanting to try it.

  • Introducing spicy foods slowly. You might mix rice with a drop of mild curry sauce or go light on the Mexican seasoning in taco meat, then build up slowly. By promoting a pleasant eating experience, you’re improving his odds of having an adventurous palate.” (Your baby’s developing senses, 2014)

There is no shortage of the possibility of increased future development by taking the time to work on these senses from a young age. Exposing your baby to different music, tastes etc., can help them develop a keen ear and well developed palette in the future. Not to mention, it’s a great fun way to bond with your baby and share some of your own favorite tastes!

Check out all of the article’s great tips and sense development breakdown here: Your baby's developing senses.