Pine Cone Owl Craft

Pine-Cone-Owl-Craft (1).jpg

Materials Needed:

Pine Cone

Worn, Smooth Wood or Branch that Sits Evenly for Base


Wiggle Eyes

Craft Glue



Before you make an owl using a pine cone, you may want to use the suggestions below for treating them to get rid of any hidden bugs, seeds, and sap.

Start out by cutting a small piece of felt shaped like the number eight. Glue two small wiggle eyes onto this piece of felt and then glue the piece of felt onto the pine cone.

Create the owl's ears by cutting a piece of felt into a square. Start out with a square about 2-inches across and then trim it down until you like the way it looks on the owl's head. Glue one of the points of the square between the eyes and then glue the opposite corner to the back of the owl's head.

Make a beak for your owl by cutting a small triangle out of felt and then glue it in place. Cut out two wings. Glue them, opposite each other, on the side of the owl.

To finish your pine cone owl, glue the bottom of your owl onto the branch. Cut out two feet and glue them where the pine cone and branch come together.

Pine Cone Cleaning Tips:

When making things with pine cones, first bake the cones on a foil-lined cookie sheet for about 45 minutes to an hour at 200 degrees. This kills any bugs or spider mites that live in them. This also allows the seeds to fall out and sap to dry up.

If you want your pine cones to close up tight, try plunging them in ice cold water after baking. This should make them close up tight, they will later when dry re-open.

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