Ready to Tackle Your Fall Bucket List? Start With These ...


It's officially autumn! Are you ready for pumpkin-carving parties, the smell of cinnamon, and Sunday drives to see those vibrant fall colors? WHere are 14 fun ideas to add to your own. Tell us, what are you most looking forward to doing this fall?

Dinner Party

"I love to throw small dinner parties during the fall months more than any other time of year, particularly between November and the first half of December. This is the best time of the year for cooking and baking, especially since Thanksgiving is during the autumn season. My menu for autumn dinner parties always includes roasted chicken with rosemary and port wine, oven-roasted herb potatoes, and root vegetable mash." 

Press Leaves

"Every year, I love walking around my neighborhood and admiring all of the beautifully-colored leaves. I live in Utah, so I'm surrounded by the vibrant forests of the mountains. Even my tree-lined neighborhood becomes quite the art piece in the fall. This year, I want to look into pressing and preserving leaves to keep and put in a glass coffee table collage."

Plant A Tree

"Fall is a great time to plant trees. Because gardening is a bit cumbersome at times, I've decided to decorate my yard with fruit trees and flower trees. I ordered some pear trees and got a free red maple tree. Red maples are gorgeous in autumn. Their leaves turn from neon green to florescent yellow to orange to a fiery red."

Central Park

"Central Park is perhaps the most picturesque place in autumn in the city. As much of a tourist trap as it is, I'm going to spend some time in New York's most beloved park to snap photos of dancing leaves in a splendor of colors."

Homecoming Football

"A friend recently posted a picture from our high school's opening football game this year. I asked whether the band was playing 'The Horse' (our old fight song by Cliff Nobles & Company); she said yes and that she still knew every word to every cheer. Next question: 'When's Homecoming?' By the end of the thread, it was official: we graduated more than a decade ago, but we will be back in the stands in October." 

Get Crafty

"In our house, we try to keep our family Christmas presents as much on the homemade end of the gift-giving spectrum as we can. With work to juggle, a toddler to chase, and chores to do, it can be hard to fit in the crafting time, so getting an early start helps to cut back on holiday stress. My goal is to get started in September."

Apple Pumpkin Cinder Donuts

"Apple picking is a great fall tradition. There's nothing like the smell of an apple orchard or cider mill to get me in the fall spirit; however, my favorite fall delicacy is an apple pumpkin cider doughnut. Subtly crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside."

Pumpkin Patch

"During our family visit to the pumpkin patch, the kids love to pick their own pumpkins, big and small. Everyone will pick a perfect pumpkin to carve. We compete when we carve pumpkins. My boys carve fancy designs and unique faces. I carve old-fashioned Jack 'o Lanterns. Dad doesn't carve pumpkins; he waits for the homemade pumpkin pie!"