How To Make Uncle Sam Treat Holders

You'll need:

Image Credit: Kaboose.Com

Image Credit: Kaboose.Com

Styrofoam cup
Red and blue felt
Red paint
Silver chenille stem
White craft glue
Black marker

Step 1.
Place cup, open end down, on top of the red felt and trace with a marker.

Step 2.
Cut around the traced circle leaving a ¾” border around it.
Fold the circle and cut a slit in the center of the circle to allow your scissors to get in. Cut out the inside circle, leaving about a ¼” border around the inside of the trace line. Set felt circle aside.
Paint red stripes all the way around the outside of the cup, stripes should run up and down. Let dry completely.

Step 3.
Cut a strip of blue felt about 1.5” wide. It should be long enough to wrap around the brim of the cup.
Glue felt strip around the outside of the top of the cup.
Lay red felt circle on to work surface, black trace line should be facing up.

Step 4.
Line the lip of the cup with white glue and press down onto black trace line. Let dry.

Step 5.
Turn cup over and place on work surface.
Use silver chenille to bend into star shapes, trim where needed. Glue onto the blue hat band.
When everything is dry, fill with treats.

To make our treat cups sturdier, especially if using outside, glue a heavy washer to the bottom of the cup.
You can add handles to your cup by twisting to chenille stems together and poking through the sides of the cup and running over the top. This step should be done before adding the blue brim.
You may also use white paper or plastic cups for this project.