Why It's Important To Not Take Your Child On A Motorbike At A Young Age


Motorbike riding is fun, but accidents may arise. While it may look cool, the truth remains that it can expose your child to impending danger. In fact, taking your child with you on a motorbike will always be a scary proposition. Because of the nature of motorbike riding, the lack of physical protection for you and your passenger may put you at risk of getting bodily harm, which may also affect you financially and emotionally. If you’re concerned about your child’s safety, here’s what you need to know why it’s vital not to take them on a motorbike at a young age.


Reasons why taking a child on a motorbike should be avoided

Keep in mind, riding a motorcycle can cause an accident and crashes arising from the fact bikes can be considered as one of the most dangerous types of road collisions. It can be the worst experience when you’re riding with your child. While some states don’t have an age restriction for passengers on a motorcycle, it’s still important to know that motorbike riding with your child can be fatally dangerous for them. Below are the common reasons why having child passengers on motorcycles should as much as possible be avoided:

1.         The possibility of getting serious injuries. Seeing your child suffering from severe physical injuries caused by a motorcycle collision can be extremely devastating.

●       Depending on the extent of the accident, your child can be seriously injured which may also affect the rest of their life. For example, having either a partial or permanent disability due to the injuries incurred is a high possibility.

●       Some of the more severe injuries that your kid may experience include amputation, brain injury, burn damage, neck injury, and spinal cord injury.


2.         The likelihood of having financial difficulties. Knowing your child getting injured in a motorbike crash may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. For instance, you’ll do everything in your power to have your child adequately treated for the injuries, thus leaving you with no choice but to shell out a tremendous amount of money for the hospital expenses.

●       It’s worth keeping in mind that specific significant injuries are most likely to result in increased medical costs. Despite having health insurance, the fees may be too excessive to cover all the damages.

●       When you’ve decided to take your child on a motorbike at a young age, you’re already putting their lives in danger. If you do it, you’ll be more likely to face financial dilemmas in the long run.

●       Some injury-related financial costs are hospital stays, medication, long-term care, therapies, medical devices, nursing care and medicine.


3.         The probability of your child to suffer severe psychological effects. Apart from the possible financial and physical risks of taking your child on a motorbike, your child may also suffer from mental effects brought about by an accident.

●       In some cases, your child at a young age may experience anxiety, emotional trauma, and even depression.

●       Because of the potential impact of a collision, your child may have a difficult time coping with the traumatic experience, which may lead to a diminished quality of life.


Other options for transportation you may consider

It’s frightening knowing the escalating rate of deadly accidents on the highways and one of them is motorcycle collisions. That’s why riding a motorbike with your children should be avoided to ensure their safety while traveling. Many times, parents should carefully consider the risks for their child when taking them on a motorcycle ride. If your child’s safety is your foremost priority while traveling, here are some alternative transportation methods you may consider for them.

●       Electric vehicles – these are an energy-efficient type of cars. They don’t release pollutants, which is why they can be a useful mode of transportation for your child.

●       Car sharing – Instead of riding with your child on your motorcycle, you may take advantage of car sharing. It’s cheap and safer to ride.

●       Carpooling – While taking a bike should not be a viable option for you and your child’s travel, you may make use of carpooling as a transportation option. It works by finding others who have a similar destination as yours and offering the ride to them.

●       Train – If your state provides trains as a means of transportation, use it. Compared to motorbikes, you can guarantee a safe trip for your child with trains.

●       Mass transit rail – If you’re living in an urban area, you can access mass rail transit as your family’s transportation method. It doesn’t deal with traffic, thus accidents are less likely to occur.

●       Bus – Riding a bus is less likely dangerous than motorcycles. Compared to driving alone, taking a bus as your transportation is worthy to take advantage.

●       Walking – Walking can be the best mode of transportation your child can ever use. It doesn’t expose your child to any types of accidents. Walking is also beneficial for one’s health.


Taking your child on a motorcycle can be potentially hazardous, which is why it’s best if you don’t consider it as your child’s primary means of transportation. Although some states do not expressly ban children from riding on a motorbike, you should always bear in mind that accidents arising from it can be deadly. In these types of situations, it’s essential to address the all possible long-term consequences of a motorcycle accident by pursuing legal action against the other driver at fault. You can contact a lawyer like the ones when you click here for more information.


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