Travelling To Malta With Young Kids

Fort St. Angelo.jpg

You and your kids will love Malta for a lot of reasons. To start with, Malta, Gozo, and Comino are all small islands. This means short distances between attractions, which saves you from long commutes and costly taxi rides. Aside from this, the archipelago boasts of its 300 days of sunny weather, allowing kids to play outdoors. The town centres are also pedestrianised with lots of open-air laid-back cafés and restaurants where you can grab foods easily. The landscapes of the three islands are also fairly easy to get around; the islands only have rolling hills and lush farms children can hike easily.

If you’re now thinking about what activities to do with your children here, create can itinerary that involves a city tour, outdoor activities, and theme parks. Doing this ensures you’ll have an enjoyable and hassle-free family holiday.


City Tours for Kids

Malta’s capital city, Valletta, is just 10 kilometres away from Malta International Airport. On arrival and after checking in your things at your chosen hotel, you can find a cosy restaurant nearby for a sumptuous meal. Then, you can proceed to heritage tours and museum hopping. The following sites are worth visiting:

·         Red (St Agatha's) Tower – Built in 1649, this tower is used to exchange signals between Gozo and Valletta. The base cost of entrance ticket is €2 for children.

·         In Guardia – This place is famous for its cannon-firing demonstration and a show of 16th century military costume. You have to visit the tourism office to see the upcoming event dates. Entrance fee is €10 for children.

·         Fort St Angelo – This fort shows multimedia exhibitions featuring the history of the fort and Valletta. Bring your child here to introduce them to Malta’s medieval history. Rate starts at €8 for children.

·         Toy Museum – Children will be children, and they’d like to get their hands on toys at the end of the day. Just buy a €3-ticket for them for the Toy Museum to let them see a huge collection of antique toys, such as tin cars, Matchbox cars, train sets, and dolls.


Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities

After exploring the museums and heritage sites, you’d all love to have a refreshing dip either at the sea or swimming pool. Snorkelling and availing of water sports activities would be fun. You can enjoy these activities at the following sites:

Għar Dalam Cave & Museum.jpg

·         Għar Dalam Cave & Museum – The lowermost level of this cave is over 500,000 years old that still has remains of micro-mammals, dwarf elephants, and birds. It also has Neanderthal teeth and pottery remains from 5200 BC. The entrance fee ranges from €2.50 to €5.

·         Tuk-tuk Tours – A tuk-tuk tour will take you around Gozo, especially its outback attractions and wayside chapels that can’t be reached via a taxi. A full day tour costs around €90, but you can choose a morning or afternoon tour.


Theme Parks Kids Would Love

Popeye Village at Mellieha.jpg

Lastly, take your children to Malta’s top-rated theme park. You can include one or more of the following destinations:

·         Malta National Aquarium at Qawra – A perfect place for the family get an endless view of the blue sea. This aquarium has a huge tank where visitors can walk through.  There are also educational sessions on marine evolution. Entrance fee is €7 to €13.90, but there’s a playground kids can play for free.

·         Popeye Village at Mellieha – Aside from its gorgeous beach, this village also boasts of its vintage effect.  As a fishing village, you’ll see fishing vessels of different colours and shapes. The entrance fee is €13.50 - €17, inclusive of a 15-minute boat ride, splash pool, and animation show. You can pay an additional €6 for a movie.

·         Buġibba Water Park – Here your children will enjoy playing in loopy fountains and swimming pool. The best thing is that this park is for free!


Dining Out

After a long day, don’t forget to treat your kids with a sumptuous dinner. You can go to Jungle Restaurant Seabank Hotel if you like American food. Or if you like to taste traditional foods, you can go to Funland Piazza Cascata at St Julians. The restaurant serves international cuisine alongside Malta’s traditional menu. Here you can try Malta’s national dish—rabbit stew or fried rabbit.


Having quality time with your family is a must, despite how busy you are at work. So for your next family holiday, be sure to have it in Malta to take your children into a travel filled with adventures and learning. If you’re still looking for more details for your trip, there's a great guide I found online about holiday deals for families here; This guide will give you insights on different reviews of hotels, transport service providers, and tour packages for a family holiday.