The Struggle Of Trading In Your Personal Car For A Family One


Are you at the point where you think it's time to trade your personal car in for a family model?

It’s an interesting time in your life – because you’re likely to have mixed feelings.

For one, you could be excited that your family is growing and now needs more space in a vehicle.

But it’s normal to have some apprehensive feelings too.

For example, you may have great memories of your single life attached to that car. Maybe you went on the most epic road trip with and remembered all the silly games you played with your friends in the car.

Maybe this was your first car ever – or the first new car. Whatever the reasons, it's common to form a sentimental attachment to your car. That's why so many people have names for their cars.

But here are some tips for letting go of the personal car and embracing the family vehicle:

1.       Find a good home

If you’re really sad about letting go of your personal car, consider finding it a good home. Instead of trading it in, list it in your local classifieds. This way you get to meet her new owners before you have to say goodbye. And you’ll get more money for your car too. You may even feel good knowing that your old car is going to be the backdrop of new memories for a young driver. It’s like you’re giving her a new life.

2.       Think about the future

New car shopping can be fun, and it can be overwhelming at the same time. Focus on the fun. Think about how you're going to get to test drive new models, and you may even get your technology or interior upgrade while you're at it. After all, leather seats really are easier to clean, and with a kid in the car, you'll need that.

3.       Consider preowned

Even if you’re not sentimental in the least, you might be apprehensive about upgrading your vehicle because of the cost. If you don’t already have a car payment, it’s no fun to think of life with one. But there are ways to work around this.

Just because you need a new car doesn’t mean you need a new loan. Figure out how much you’ll get for your current car, and consider how much of your savings you can put towards a new vehicle.

Then, start shopping around to see if there are any pre-owned SUVs in your budget. If you can pay for the car in cash, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Besides, pre-owned cars tend to be better investments. And now that you’re getting serious about growing your family, investments are important.

We all struggle to let go of the past and embrace the changes that are coming our way – even when those changes are exciting. But when it comes to upgrading your personal car to a family one, there’s no reason to struggle. Take the time you need to say goodbye to the past and make sound decisions for your family’s future. This is a forward motion!