The Best Co-Sleeper Cot Brands Of 2018

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Babies are most vulnerable during the first few months after birth. This is when the most attention is needed. It is important to have safe sleeping options so that the baby can be easily reached for breastfeeding or cradling during the night, without a parent having to get out of bed. Below is a list of the best co-sleeper cot brands of 2018 and here is why they are so great.


#1)  Arm’s Reach Co Sleeper

Most top rated co sleepers allow the baby and the parent to sleep next to each other. The unique design of these co-sleepers allows the parent to have maximum visibility with the most convenience. This product includes these specifications:

·         It allows for a 360-degree view of the baby.

·         The bed attachment has built in leg extensions.

·         The four castor wheels make for easy mobility anywhere in the house.

·         Each of these rollers has a separate brake if it should need to be stationary.

·         The bed folds up into a carrying case and can be converted to a play pen.

·         It is easy to move around because of its small size and light weight.

·         The height is adjustable to work for varying heights of beds.

·         There is a short railing on the side to prevent bed sharing accidents.

·         Mesh sides make for maximum air flow to prevent suffocation.

·         Large storage basket at the bottom for conveniently storing diapers.

·         Mattress fitted with sheet strap and plate.

This product can only be used for babies up to five months of age.


#2)  Swaddle Me by Your Side Sleeper

This is among one of the top in safety for co-sleeper bassinets that fit perfectly in the middle of a bed. This has been shown to be the most protected way for a baby to sleep next to the parents while still being in a separate space. The features of this co-sleeper include:

 ·         Folds up easily for travel.

·         Can be carried in checked luggage.

·         The metal bars on the top and bottom are one of the safest of all sleepers.

·         Mesh sides allow for good air flow to protect baby from suffocation and overheating.

·         Provides very easy access to the baby.

·         Fits right in the middle of the bed, while still giving adequate room to the parents.

·         Larger in size than other sleepers, will require a larger room.

·         Can only be used until a baby can pull up.

This co-sleeper has a gender-neutral style and many beneficial features. It is also cost-effective, and the baby has a spacious area with this lightweight option.


#3)  Close and Secure Sleeper by The First Years

 This has been rated the best co-sleeper for breastfeeding. Its mattress comes with a fitted sheet made of cotton and polyester that allows for a soft feel for the baby. Below are the product specs for this co-sleeper:

·         This is an in-bed co-sleeper that can be used in between the pillows.

·         Anchors to the bed by using a large flap that can tuck underneath the mattress.

·         Easily portable for travel.

·         Can fit in large suitcases.

·         Foot and head barriers minimize risk of entrapment.

·         Comes equipped with side bumpers to prevent parents from rolling onto baby.

·         Patented airflow technology in the hollow frame allows for air to circulate properly around the baby.

·         Keeps baby cool and minimizes risk of suffocation.

·         Removable nightlight.

·         Mesh fabric that is breathable.

·         Machine washable cover and sheet that is quick drying.

·         Bed is usable until the baby is able to push up or roll over on its own.


This co-sleeper has a gender-neutral look and is designed for easy portability, but also allows for great bonding with baby in the comfort of the parents’ bed. This co-sleeper is one of the least expensive on the list.