Rainy Day Ideas for Games With Kids

pexels-phorainy day ideas for kids

Any parent watching their kids grow up knows kids can have the most brilliant imaginations. Whether they have toys from the store to play with or random objects from around the house, they're often able to come up with entirely new worlds every day. One of the places kids love to spend time is outside, especially as the weather starts to cool down in the fall.

While autumn often brings daily temperatures to more comfortable levels, it can also present plenty of just-too-cold afternoons. When what started as a cold or stormy day begins to stretch over the course of a couple days or even a week, your kids might get a little bored with the games they have to play.

Before the next set of cloudy days comes around, read up on some rainy-day ideas for games you can play with the kids. They'll love being able to play something new, especially if the whole family can play along. Don't worry about a budget either! There are plenty of ways to have fun without having to spend extra money.

1. Construct a Cardboard Town

Are there a couple boxes sitting in a closet somewhere that have been waiting to be driven to the dump? Get the most use out of them by setting them out for everyone with some markers nearby. Depending on how big the boxes are, kids will be able to make tunnels, trains or even entire homes to play make believe in. Smaller boxes can be decorated to be beds, stoves or anything to help make their imaginary worlds come to life.

2. Visit the Local Library

As the internet has become more easily accessed and available in any home, libraries have become less of a focused feature in family life. The next time rain is preventing backyard fun, visit your local library. They always have events going on, especially for younger kids. Not everything will be focused on reading either. Check out what the library is doing for their community outreach to see what fun everyone can have for free.

3. Learn Some Magic Tricks

Kids love to be amazed by something new, which makes magicians popular entertainment at local fairs and events. The good news is that a magician doesn't need to be hired in order for kids to experience a little bit of magic on a rainy day. Look around to find a magic book for kids that will teach them simple tricks. They can practice all day and laugh as they learn how to do it all right. They might even be able to perform for their friends the next time they have a play date or go to school.

4. Set Up a Home Cinema

Something kids always want to do when it rains is go the movies, but rising ticket and concession prices make seeing a movie in theaters a rare treat. Find a way around this problem by setting up a cinema at home! Let the kids invite their friends over and set up bowls of popcorn and their favorite drinks. Throw in a treat or two just for fun, like brownies, candy or cookies.

When they're ready to watch their movie, pretend to be the cashier and use play money for them to pay for their snacks. Close up the curtains, lay out blankets and pillows and let them all lay out before the movie starts. They'll love pretending their home is the theater because they'll get to eat their favorite foods while they watch a favorite movie.

5. Decorate Some Cookies

While it's typically a tradition done around the holidays, baking and decorating cookies can be done all year round. What better time to have something sweet and warm to snack on than a cold, rainy day? The kids can mix everything up and knead the dough, then use cookie cutters to make fun shapes. Bake the cookies and then mix up some homemade icing in different colors so they can decorate. Add in toppings like sprinkles for added fun.

6. Make a Magazine

Kids love to make up stories, especially if it gets the whole family involved and makes everyone laugh. Try getting them at a table to put together a family magazine! They can write articles that are actually imaginary stories with their favorite crayons or markers. Have them draw pictures for their stories and decorate the cover. Don't forget to staple everything together to make it official when they're done! This craft can also be scanned and sent to family members and friends for a fun update on how the kids are doing and what they're up to.

7. Host a Lego Contest

Almost every home has a Lego set or two somewhere in a closet or under a bed. Challenge the kids to pull out all the Legos they can find and then show them a picture of something to build. Set a timer, count down and let them race to see who can build each picture the fastest. Better yet, have them draw what they want to build and do a fun game like Rock, Paper and Scissors so they can build something they created themselves.

Bad-weather days are known for being a time when kids are camped up inside with nothing to do. Even the most imaginative kids can get bored inside eventually, but that doesn't have to be their only option. Try one or two of these rainy-day activities to see what they enjoy. Most everything will probably be at home already, saving some money and preventing an additional trip to the store.

Every kid is different, so some may prefer coloring over baking or vice versa. Let them experience multiple activities so they can find something they love. If they do, it could end up keeping them busy all day long, or it may even become a new family tradition. Finding something to do in inclement weather doesn't have to feel like a chore. See what's around the house and get creative! Kids will love helping to make a new activity, especially if it's a hands-on experience for them.