Keep Your Grandkids Entertained with Fun Music

I love having my four-year-old grandson over for visits, and he looks forward to coming over to my house every week because I always have something fun planned for us to do. Lately we’ve been in a bit of an arts and craft kick, which we both enjoy, but it’s been a bit challenging to come up with fun new activities to entertain him. 

Last week I got the idea of having a music day. With a little research, planning and preparation, we ended up having a blast!


Make Your Own Homemade Instruments

Since we’ve been doing a lot of crafts lately, I thought we could start off the day by making our own instruments. I found some great musical instrument crafts through online research that were made from common household materials and very easy and cheap to make. My grandson loves making loud noises, so I decided percussion was the way to go and we made drums and maracas out of coffee cans and plastic bottles with beans. Then I put on some music by children’s music artists and we played along. It was wonderful to see him responding to music in his own creative ways.


Get Your Preschooler Moving with Music

It wasn’t long after we started playing along with the music that we wanted to get up and start moving and dancing to the music. I had also planned some activities we could do with action songs for preschoolers and music that we could dance along to. While I was able to find a few movement songs on YouTube, I also found this great list that had exactly what I was looking for. 

Apps to Keep GrandKids Busy with Music 

I found a ton of fun apps like GoNoodle to help me get music themed activities and videos that were easy to follow for 3 to 5 year olds. My grandson was thoroughly entertained for the entire day, and didn’t want to stop when his mom came to pick him up. Of course, when he did finally go home, he was very tired out.


Start a Musical Tradition with you Grandkids

I think now our music activity day may have to be added in as a regular event. It’s so important to have traditions to start with your grandchildren because it is truly something they will remember and keep with them as they get older. Spending time with their grandparents should be a special moment for them, and of course one of the great joys of being a grandparent is simply making memories and having fun things to do with your grandchildren. I’m so glad I started planning these regular days together!



The whole activity day was such a success, and I would recommend that you try this with your own grandchildren. We made some happy memories together, and I’m already planning our next day of music fun.