How To Keep A Child’s Birthday Party Organized


It’s the day every child can’t for, and the day a lot of parent dread: the birthday party.  Depending how young your child is can also determine how chaotic you anticipate their party to be. Don't fret just yet though, with a focused plan and attention to detail you’ll be able to keep your party organized faster than your kid can blow out their candles.


Label Goody Bags

Party favors show your appreciation to the guests for attending your child's birthday party. Save cost by making your own DIY party favors, or if your child insists on a themed party, it is better to have the same theme for the goodies as well. Since party packages are cheaper. Keep everything organized by adding custom kid name labels to each party favor. That way you avoid unnecessary commotion that may lead to children getting hurt fighting over the goody bags. Plus every child at the party would be able to bring home a goody bag to remember the occasion. You can find cheap party supplies and favors in specialty stores or online to help you put together a birthday party in a snap.

Stick to a Theme

A themed party is always ideal for a child because it makes them involved in the planning and makes the day more special if it’s something they’re passionate about.  Try to steer away from themes that revolve around specific cartoons or video games though.  Party supply stores up the cost for decorations that have licensed characters (especially popular ones) and not all licensed characters appeal to both boys and girls.  If your child is really into cartoon mermaids for example, try suggesting a general ‘under the sea’ theme.  That way you can still include that character in the theme.  It also makes it easier to DIY the decor, games, and treats.


Remember Names

Depending on the size of your child’s invite list and the party’s activities, you may have more heads to corral than bargained for.  A simple way to organize all your guests is with custom name badges.  Customizing name badges lets you not only keep a headcount of guests, but also allows you to incorporate your party’s theme.  If you don’t want specific names, make badges of characters that might be in your party (royal family members, pirate ship crews, animals etc), that way you can easily organize everyone without having to memorize names and you can even let guests take their badges home as an extra special memento.


Remember Time

A good rule of thumb for children’s parties is to not make them too long.  Kids can get cranky really easily so try choosing a time in the middle of the day.  It gives you and your guests time to prepare in the morning and allows your guest’s parents to organize their own day.  Plus you won’t have to worry about preparing dinner for a bunch of kids or worry about the party impending on your own evening. 


Remember Labels

Labels, more specifically custom kids name labels can be a phenomenal organizational tool for a birthday party.  Some children you invite might have dietary restrictions or allergies and won’t be able to eat all the snacks you’ve prepared for the party.  If such is the case you put aside or label the snacks that the child can have in a separate bag just for them.  If your party is outdoors labels can be a great tool to make sure no one’s water bottle gets mixed up for someone else's.  Labels are also perfect for including things like contact info, so if your party takes place somewhere a child is easily lost, you can label an article of their clothing with your cell phone number to easily retrieve them.


Keep It Light

Parties can be expensive, so don’t feel you have to go overboard to make it perfect.  Try to DIY as much as the decor and snacks you can.  This way you can even get your child involved and make the party that much more personal for them.  Making your own games also saves on expensive rentals or hired entertainment.  Keeping your party as uncomplicated as possible is the best way to keep it organized, fun, and (most importantly) memorable for all.