Are Your Raising The Next NFL Champion?

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NFL is one of the biggest sports in the US. In fact, it is even becoming increasingly popular in countries like the UK with university teams. But above all, this is a US sport, and it is one that is loved and watched by many all over the world. Can you imagine having raised the future of the NFL champions? You might not know it yet, but it could so easily happen to your child. All you have to do is nurture their passion from a young age, and make sure you’re pushing themselves to do their best. Here’s how you can make sure you’re going to raise the next NFL champion.


Team Player

There aren’t many sports that are aren’t a team player sort of game, and NFL is definitely a team player game. Lack of communication and knowledge of fellow players could lead to loss after loss. You can help with things like this too! You can get sublimated football jerseys for the whole team to create that team player sort of vibe. You can also encourage your child to communicate and make friendships from the moment they join the team. When first joining a team, despite the love of the sport, it can be really intimidating and nerve-wracking no matter what the age of your child. As much as you can, try and encourage unity among the time alongside the coach. At the end of the day, whilst they’re still a younger child it should be a fun experience rather than the focus being on winning etc.



As they start to get older, it becomes a bit more about a passion for the sport and a passion to make it successfully. The only way to do this is through a lot of dedication. The sport will have to become their life, but only if they want it to. The players who make it in NFL have been dedicated to the sport from a very young age. As much as you can, try and nurture this, but don’t take their childhood away from them. If they want to skip training every now and then to see their friends, let them do it. They’ll know when the right time is to become fully dedicated, and you’ll most likely find it’ll be after they’ve enjoyed their younger years. You could try and further that dedication by taking them to watch the games live!


Motherly Love

Nothing beats motherly love, and if your children are going to go the full length with this they’re obviously going to need plenty of it. Don’t pressure them, don’t be too overbearing, and always be there for them when they need you, particularly if they’ve had a bad day. It’s important to be there as a friend and a mother, rather than trying to be a second coach for them whilst they’re at home. Include the whole family in their question to become a champion. If the whole family is supporting them, it’s obviously going to drive them to do better.