Are You A Fan? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know If You Love Tights


There’s something that feels great about slipping on a pair of tights. There are so many different varieties, and they accentuate your curves while also giving you the comfort to take a jog, a yoga class, or they can be part of your outfit as you’re heading out for a night on the town. If you’re one of the millions of women who appreciate this unique and wonderful article of clothing, here are some facts about tights that you’ll want to know.


They Can Make Any Outfit Pop


A simple pair of black tights goes with almost anything, but if you’re wearing tights as a fashion choice, you may want to go bolder. However, if you wear tights that aren’t black, you’ll probably want to accessorize with a neutral look. The rest of your outfit should be something like an understated black dress if you’ve paired it with some forest-green or electric-yellow tights, for instance. If you go bold with the color choice of your tights, then the eyes of the people around will naturally be drawn to your legs.


How Opaque Should You Get?


The rule of thumb is that with shorter hemlines, your tights should be more opaque. If you wear thicker tights, it makes your legs appear longer, and there will be less chance of you showing a run, which can be embarrassing. There is an industry term for how opaque tights are, and it’s called a denier number. If you have tights with a higher number, that means they are going to be more opaque. If the denier is 40 or more, they are going to be quite opaque, while if it’s less than 30, they’re going to be sheer.


Look for Damage


If you want to be confident that your outfit looks sophisticated, you should always check your tights for holes or runs before you put them on. If you spot even a tiny snag, consider whether you want to wear that pair. It could turn into a much bigger hole throughout an active day of wear. It’s probably safer to grab a fresh pair.


Match to Shoes


If you’re not sure about whether the pair that you’ve chosen is matching with the rest of your outfit, try to pair them with your shoe color. That way, even if the rest of what you’ve got on clashes, you should have some stability between the tights and shoes that will make your lower half work.


If You Have a Run


If you’re out and about and you notice that your tights have a run in them, you can apply clear nail polish or hairspray to the hole. It won’t work forever, but it will at least keep the hole from growing until you can slip them off once you have a spare moment.


Tights are one of those articles of clothing that every woman needs to have on hand to complete an outfit or begin one. You can save some dollars by grabbing them in packs of several at one time, starting with some basic black, then moving on to primary colors and patterns.