6 Key Advantages Of Playtime For 2-Year-Olds

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The regular 2-year-old boy is often quite busy. Hardly sitting down, he can be found playing one game after another, picking up one toy and then dropping it just to reach for a more interesting one.  They are a beehive of activity.  The same goes for girls, that's why you should take a look at these perfect gifts for 2-year-old girls. Play is critical for the development of a boy this age for a number of reasons. Here are some major benefits of play time:

1.       Play has been found to be very important for the development of a healthy brain.

2.       It allows kids to develop dexterity as well as emotional, cognitive and physical strength, and to do so creatively.

3.       Play is a means for interaction and engagement with the world because it allows kids to explore their world while conquering fears they may have and practicing the roles of adults.  This is often done with the participation of an adult caregiver or other children.

4.       It is through play that kids develop new competencies which in turn enhance their confidence and resilience, both of which come in handy in the future when they are faced with challenges.

5.       Play that is undirected allows your child to learn how to work in a group, negotiate, gain skills for self-advocacy, share, and develop conflict resolution skills.

6.       Child-driven play helps children develop and practice a variety of skills including decision making skills.  They learn to do things at a pace they can appreciate, they discover the things that interest them and later, they can fully engage in their passions.

When engaging children of this age in play, it is important that you make sure that you have age-appropriate toys.  However, pick toys for 2 year old boys or girls taking note that it is not uncommon to find them playing with toys considered to be for the opposite gender.  

Even though structured play that is overseen by adults is good for short periods of time, it should be noted that it does not allow the child the freedom to direct his or her own playtime.  As such, such playtime may hamper their creativity and affect the development of group and leadership skills which are developed during play time.

It is important to note that play is a great substitute for passive entertainment.  Instead of sitting down watching TV, it is important to encourage children to get up and play so as to develop healthy bodies and cultivate a culture of being active.  If a child learns to be active right from the beginning, he or she will have a better chance of avoiding the obesity epidemic that has taken over the society.

When selecting toys for your two-year-old to play with, consider pretend toys, artistic toys, balls that they can kick around, throw, and run after, puzzles, building blocks, cars and ride-on toys, musical toys and the like. Play time should be sheer enjoyment for your child; a simple joy that he or she can cherish as they grow up and as they reminisce on their childhood as adults