5 Good Reasons To Give To Charity Even If You’re Being Frugal

    If you don’t have time to volunteer for something, then donating to charity is a great way to make a contribution. ( Source )

If you don’t have time to volunteer for something, then donating to charity is a great way to make a contribution. (Source)

Giving to charity might seem like an expense or a chore to some people, but the reality is that giving to charity has many benefits that you might not be fully aware of. People also believe that donating your money seems inappropriate especially if you are already suffering from money and budgeting issues. However, in this article, we’re going to be showing you five good reasons to give to charity even if you think you’re in a poor financial situation.


1. It helps you budget

One of the most interesting ways to use regular donations to help your financial situation is to actually help you budget. When donations to charity become a regular thing in your budget, it becomes easier to manage your money. When you have multiple commitments to budget for, it makes sense that you’ll take more care of your money and be more frugal about your personal purchases.


2. It beats bad spending habits

And because you’re going to be spending less on yourself, you’ll have an easier time breaking poor spending habits. For instance, if you tell yourself to donate x amount of money every week to a charity or a cause of your choice, then that’s x amount of money less to spend on bad habits that waste your time or could lead you to waste more money.


3. It makes you feel great

Donating to charities can empower you. It makes you feel like you’re a small part of something bigger such as a grand plan or a scheme. It makes you feel like you’ve contributed to something that can help millions around the world, especially if the charity you donate to is working on something like a cure for a disease or to help a country recover from a natural disaster. Donating to charity is a simple and effective way to lift your spirits and prove that you’re spending your money wisely.


4. It contributes to a cause

Donating to charity often means that you’re contributing to a greater cause. For instance, organisations like Cane Bay Partners focus on helping countries recover from natural disasters. In this case, you could be donating to help St. Croix recover from the hurricane that ravaged the island in 2017. It’s a great way to show that you’re willing to contribute to a cause even if it doesn’t directly affect you. There are other causes that you can contribute to as well, such as beating cancer or helping endangered species around the world.


5. You encourage others to do it as well

Donating to charity also encourages others to do it as well. If you let your friends know that you’re making weekly contributions to beat something like cancer, then they’re more likely to follow your example and contribute as well. It can create a chain of good vibes when you and your friends and family know that you’re contributing to a greater cause with small regular payments.