4 Things To Ask Yourself Before You Get Divorced


Sometimes divorce is the best decision for two people. Perhaps things have gotten so bad that there's no way of reversing the damage that's been done.   However, in some cases, people rush to the idea of divorce far too quickly. This is why it's not uncommon to see couples get divorced and remarried a few years later.

Before assuming that divorce is the answer, try to ask yourself important questions first. Not only is marriage a big decision, but so is divorce.  Therefore, before signing anything, make sure you ask yourself these critical questions first.

How Will This Affect How Much I See My Children?

Divorce is complicated as it is.   When you throw children into the mix, it can be exponentially even more complicated. Depending on your custody agreement, you may hardly get to see your children at all. So it's essential to ask yourself whether your relationship issues are really bad enough that it's worth limiting your time with your children.

If the idea of seeing your children less than every day is horrifying, then you may want to seriously consider whether reconciliation with your spouse is possible.

Will I Be Happier?

A lot of people believe that the source of their unhappiness is their marriage.   They put all of their eggs in one basket and convince themselves that everything will be fine if they get divorced.

Unfortunately, a lot of people get divorced and find themselves more miserable than they were before. Make sure that you're not displacing your own problems onto your spouse.   You may want to consider couples therapy as a great option for making the changes you need.

Can I Afford It?

If you're in a truly unhappy or in an abusive relationship, then no amount of money is worth remaining in your situation.  However, if the issues that you're facing are relatively trivial, then you should seriously consider the financial implications of divorce.

Divorce is by no means cheap.  Not only will the divorce cost you a considerable amount of money, but you'll have to learn to live on one income alone rather than 2.   Is this drastic change to your lifestyle something that you're comfortable doing? Can you afford to be a single parent?

Am I Prepared For The Stress?

They say that divorce is one of the most stressful things that a person can go through. It can bring out the worst in two people and can stretch on for years.

If you think it's possible to rekindle your romance rather than throw in the towel altogether, you may find that it's a much less stressful route.  

Avoiding divorce may not only be saving yourself a considerable amount of stress but also your children.