Your Kids Deserve The Safest Trampoline

Your Kids Deserve The Safest Trampoline

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As a parent, when you are researching a trampoline for your kids, your first consideration is going to be safety. That means first and foremost you will want to find out about the safest trampoline available in Canada. Safety first means you won't have to worry about your kids getting pinched by steel springs, and the netting that surrounds the trampoline will be strong enough to even catch adults if they stray too far over the mat’s edge.

The safest trampoline available in Canada offers a unique, patented design that eliminates most product-related injuries by targeting the three most common injury impact zones: the springs, the exposed steel frame, and the ground itself. That’s why every Springfree Trampoline is designed to eliminate risk in those three areas.

Flexible Composite Rods

Springfree Trampoline’s patented design eliminates most product related trampoline injuries, by replacing dangerous metal springs with flexible composite rods which provide the same bounce with none of the risk. Your kids will never get pinched since the rods are placed beneath the jumping surface and not on the horizontal plane of the mat (like with traditional springs).

The Hidden Frame

The improved design moves the metal frame beneath the jumping surface where it’s impossible to land on. This creates a SoftEdge mat — one that is more shock absorbent than foam pads found on traditional trampoline models.

Your Kids Deserve The Safest Trampoline


The entire jumping surface is then enclosed with a FlexiNet enclosure that absorbs the energy and cushions the weight of jumpers, preventing falls to the ground. On traditional trampolines, these nets are held in place by rigid steel poles that fight back against jumpers, often causing injury. Springfree’suse of flexible composite poles to hold up the netting keeps a person from falling off the trampoline while absorbing their momentum and gently reboundinghim or her back onto the trampoline mat. 

The Tgoma Digital Gameapp

According to media experts, Canadian children are spending 60 hours per week consuming media while engaging in outdoor activity for less than a single hour. Springfree’s goal is to shift kids’ behaviour from indoor sedentary play to outdoor activity. Instead of fighting technology, tgoma helps parents leverage technology to transform “screen time” from an isolating activity to an engaging, healthy experience for the entire family. Learning games like Repeat Street will keep kids bouncing, while adult oriented fitness content such as tgomaFit are also available via the app.

The interactive tgoma system encourages the natural instinct for play and interactive games, taking it outside and making it active. The tgoma app is the world’s first outdoor interactive digital gamesystem — introducing a brand new accessory for one of the best trampolines for sale in Canada.

An Award-Winning Trampoline

Thebest trampoline in Canada should also be one that has won numerous awards for design and safety, manufactured under the most rigorous safety standards for quality assurance. Awards such as the Canadian Product of the Year, the International Design Award, the Parent Tested and Parent Approved Award, the Parents Choice Award, the Family Choice Award, the Toyology Outdoor Toy Award and others should just be some of the distinctions to look for when considering a trampoline that is safe and fun for your whole family.

Springfree trampolines come in a variety of sizes to accommodate just about any yard or family size including the jumbo square, large square, large oval, medium oval and medium round models. And they are thoroughly tested against the roughest of conditions, which means that they not only provide a safer alternative to traditional trampolines, but they can also be left outside in the rain and sun without risk of damage. This makes the Springfree trampoline an example of industry-leading safety, innovation, and the perfect addition to the backyard of any Canadian home.

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