When the Initial Spark Is Gone: 10 Most Common Reasons Why People Opt for Divorce

When the Initial Spark Is Gone: 10 Most Common Reasons Why People Opt for Divorce

Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt (twice), Jennifer Anniston, Lady Gaga, and Ben Affleck. What do they all have in common? They all went through the highs and lows of a divorce.


Divorce affects approximately a third of marriages today. Although each divorce is different, there a number of factors that seem to crop up repeatedly when people decide to file for a divorce. Divorce attorneys cite the same reasons for divorce time and time again. For more information on getting a divorce attorney, view Dickson Frohlich attorneys.




Affairs are the most common reason marriages break down. Emotional affairs can often lead to a physical relationship, which comes with lies and deceit. Many relationships cannot recover from the infidelity of an affair, not just because of the act of betrayal, but the web of lies spun to cover it up.


Getting Lost in the Roles of Married Life


When you get married you change. You may have less time to enjoy the hobbies you used to, or neglect friendships or familial relations. But sometimes, after being married for a long time, couples forget to invest in the relationship and forget the fact they were a couple before the marriage. It is easier than ever these days to find and seek confidential help and support online and find the best online therapist for you and your partner




Money is the root of all evil. While it is not the root of all divorces, it is the cause of a startling number of them. It is not a lack of it that is the problem, but a clash of ideas in the way it should be managed that causes problems. A saver marrying a spender can lead to issues down the road.


Constant Arguing


10.9% of women cite constant bickering or arguing as the reason their marriage ended. Nobody wants to live in a house where they are constantly at war.




Good communication can mean the difference between overcoming obstacles together as a couple, and them tearing you apart. Expressing your feelings and thoughts in a respectful way is key to maintaining a lasting marriage.


Losing the Shared Vision


When you got married, you had a vision for how your life together would pan out. But now, 10 years later, and he thinks you should be doing all the cooking and cleaning, and you think he should be spending the weekend with you instead of fishing.


Losing your shared vision of happy married life puts you at odds with each other. The inability to reconcile this vision is what brings a lot of marriages down.




With the US in the throes of an opioid addiction, more and more couples are filing for divorce after one party has fallen victim to an addiction. Even with rehab and support from family and friends, overcoming addiction is brutal and often the marriage is irreparably damaged.


Lack of Intimacy


We all have busy lives, but it’s important to make time to be intimate. Both women and men want an active sex life. If they aren’t getting it from their spouse, then they often feel it is time to go their separate ways.


Weight Gain


It can seem superficial, but in some cases, a significant weight gain from one spouse can prompt a divorce.


Mental Illness


5.6% of divorced women cited mental illness as the reason their marriage ended. Living with a partner suffering from a mental illness takes a toll on the marriage. Many cannot sustain the pressures put on it.