True Personal Style: 12 Fashion DIYs For One of A Kind Looks


Sometimes, looking good doesn’t really require you spending lots of money on shopping. All you need do is revamping, by creating something unique, new, stylish and adorable by yourself, out of existing items, or new ideas.

Rocking a unique look is all about creativity.

Creating a unique look that would make you stand out, and turn necks everywhere and anywhere you go, doesn't entail you breaking a bank or emptying your purse.

While looking good is a serious business, it is not something you have to go overboard financially to achieve.

All you need is to know some fashion Do It Yourself hacks, that can help you revamp your old clothes and accessories, to create a new and unique dazzling look.

Below are 12 different Do It Yourself (DIY) ways of creating fashion masterpieces. You can click on more info for awesome patches that will accompany your designs.


1. Adding grommet holes/zipper to the back of a tank top

What you need:

●        Spaghetti strap tank top

●        Eyelet Plier

●        Eyelets Brass

●        Lace-up trim

●        Zipper


●        Attach the lace-up trim to the strap of the tank top, including the straps at the upper part of the tank top.  You can decide to attach it by sewing the lace trim to the straps, or gluing the lace trim to the straps.

●        Make grommet holes in the trim with your eyelet pliers, and insert the eyelets brass on the holes.

●        lace the holes and your lace-up tank top is ready.

For the zipper, it is the same process of attaching the lace trim to the strap, and then instead of boring holes in the trim, you attach a zipper to the trim sewn in the strap.

2. Create a cool mini wrapping top and skirt, from an old medium sized long skirt

What you need:

●        A medium sized long skirt

●        A pair of Scissors

●        Sewing thread and needle (Colour similar to the color of the fabric)

●        Straps / laces/ Ropes 


●        Wear the skirt to measure the length you want, either above the knee or on the knee.

●        Cut off the excess part from your proposed length.

●        Trim the edge of the now mini skirt, and hem it in.

●        Cut the leftover fabric, to form a long strip.

●        Attach the straps, thin rope or laces to both edges of the fabric, not too close to the end of the fabrics though.

●        Then bring the two edges together, tying both edges in front across your bust.

Voila!  Your wrap top and mini skirt are ready.

3. Make a new sexy dress from an old T-shirt dress

What you need:

●        An old long T-shirt dress

●        Scissors


●        Cut the T-shirt into two parts, the end of the upper part should be close to your waistline.

●        Make a medium-sized round hole in the middle of the upper part, at the tail part of the upper part.

●        For the lower part, cut down to form a long V.

●        Pass the V through the hole in the upper part of the T-shirt, and tie the two ends in a knot

4. Make shorts from your old jeans

What you need:

●        Old Jeans

●        A pair of scissors.


●        Cut off a large part of your old jeans, starting from your mid-thigh.

●        Hem the edges of the short part of the jean in, and you have your shorts.

5. Revamp your old top, by attaching lace to the sides

What you need:

●        An old top.

●        A pair of scissors

●        Crotchet lace


●        Cut your old top by the two sides.

●        Cut off some part of the sides off.

●        Attach the crochet lace to cover the sides that you cut off. Your revamped top is ready.

6. Turn your slip on to strapped sandals

What you need:

●        Flip-flops

●        Straps

●        Eyelet Plier


●        Remove the original straps of the flip-flops.

●        Mark places on the flip-flops where you want to pass the straps through.

●        Boreholes through each place.

●        Pass the lace or straps through the holes. There you have your strappy sandals.

7. Design your sneakers with glitters

What you need:

●        Sneakers

●        Glitters

●        Glue


●        Apply the glue on the sneakers.

●        Form any shapes or designs you want with the glitters.

Also, you can decide to revamp the whole kicks, changing the look by gluing another fabric on the existing surface.

8. Make an off-shoulder dress from an oversize T-Shirt

What you need:

●        Just an oversized shirt


●        Wear the shirt minus the hands.

●        Tie the shirt in front very tightly, dropping the neck part of the shirt down your shoulders

That's all!

9. Create a long earring using eyelet brasses

What you need:

●        Eyelet brasses

●        A loop earring

●        Fabric.

●        Glue


●        Get two or three eyelets brasses.

●        Cut the fabrics into small pieces that can wrap the brasses.

●        Glue the Fabric around the brasses

●        Make a long earring by joining the brasses together with the left-over pieces of the fabrics, knotted or sewn together.

10. Make a wrapping crop top from an existing tank top

What you need:

●        A tank top.

●        A pair of scissors


●        Cut your tank top horizontally down in front from top to bottom

●        At the back, cut off a part of the tank top vertically from the middle. You'd be left with handing tails in front.

●        Tie it around in front of your bust.

You now have your crop top, that you can rock with either a high waist skirt or pants.

11. No-sew scalloped shorts

What you need:

●        Scissors

●        Pencil

●        Long high-waisted shorts

●        Small circular lid


●        With the scissors, trim the length of the shorts.

●        Place the circular lid on the fabric and trace with a pencil.

●        Use the scissors to cut it in such a way that the front and back side follows the trace made.

12. Glitter ankle boots

What you need:

●        Glitter

●        Pair of ankle boots

●        Fabric glue


●        Add the glue to the side of the boot you want to glitter

●        Apply the glitter.

●        Tidy it up so ensure glitter isn’t in the wrong place.

There you have it.  The different classy looks you can make by yourself, with existing and not expensive materials.

Like the post has suggested from the beginning, you do not have to spend money to make a fashion statement. Whatever you need to transform that piece of clothing into something beautiful are within your reach. Get started!