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Are Headphones Damaging Your Hearing?

If you constantly crank up your iPod, it is entirely possible to get what’s called noise-induced hearing loss. (It’s why people who work construction or at airports wear protective headphones to block out noise and why you should stick earplugs in at rock concerts.) The basic mechanics go like this: When a single blast of an extremely loud sound, like an explosion, or repetitive sounds, such as factory noise...

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Stop Using Styrofoam Cups! Kids Challenge Dunkin' Donuts

These kids may not be old enough to drink coffee, but they care how it’s served — a group of 4th and 5th graders at the Park School in Brookline, Massachusetts, are begging Dunkin’ Donuts to stop making coffee cups with its signature Styrofoam. Their efforts have caught attention of the donut and coffee mega-chain and on Friday the little activists took part in a meeting with execs at corporate headquarters.

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