5 Styling Tips For Your Maternity Photo Shoot

birth shoot.jpg

Maternity photo shoots are not a necessity for a pregnant mother, and your baby will come into the world looking absolutely perfect either way. However, those mothers-to-be who chose to find a maternity photographer to capture the beauty of their pregnancy always find that having those photographs are invaluable to them. If you find the right photographer, everything will fall into place, and you will have all the beautiful memories to hold onto once your baby is in your arms.


As with any photo shoot, an important component of the photographs is the styling. Your personal styling and the styling of the scenery – these are the things that can make or break the pictures, in the end. While, of course, your photos will always be concrete moments of your pregnancy, it is far nicer to have photos that take your breath away.


Here are a few tips to help you style your maternity photo shoot so you will have beautiful pictures to last forever.


1.      Location Matters


Pick somewhere unassuming but beautiful. You do not want a place that will overwhelm the photos and take away from your own beauty and the miracle growing inside, but you still want it to be something lovely. Often, mothers and photographs will choose open spaces like fields or groves of trees. The natural elements serve to elevate the natural aspects of your pregnancy and the beauty of life.


Your photographer will also probably have ideas about locations. Chat with them prior to the photo shoot to determine the best place.


2.      Maxi Dresses


Women in maternity photos are often wearing long, flowing maxi dresses. This makes them look more heavenly and beautiful, emphasizing the natural wonder of pregnancy. You can never go wrong choosing a long, luxurious maxi dress.


You will absolutely love how your photos turn out, with you looking like a radiant goddess caressing the miracle growing inside you.


3.      Solid Colors


Solid colors will emphasize your beautiful baby bump without detracting from your natural beauty.


If you really want to incorporate patterns into your photos, consider having your partner wear a patterned shirt instead. Keeping yourself in solid colors will place the focus on your baby bump, and its especially nice to choose earthy, natural colors to keep in theme with the beauty of life.


Or, if you really want to, just wear your favorite color. Your baby bump will be the centerpiece either way.


4.      Have Multiple Outfits


Changing clothes can be a pain when you are extremely pregnant, that much is true. However, giving yourself options will also give you plenty of photo options when the pictures are developed. You can choose to have a flowy maxi dress, and then perhaps some cute, simple jeans and sweater.


Whatever you decide to do, giving yourself multiple outfits is a great way to make your photo shoot more versatile and you will have more pictures to choose from.


5.      Tight Clothes


If you are comfortable enough, consider wearing fitted clothing. It will emphasize your bump and if you choose clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good, can accentuate the things you want to show while hiding the things you do not.


A nice, comfortable pair of jeans with a solid color sweater is a common and classic choice. If you really want to take a step, consider a sleek and elegant bodycon dress.


If you are comfortable enough, it is a beautiful way to showcase the amazing effect pregnancy has on a woman’s physical appearance.




There are all sorts of ways you can style yourself for a stunning and successful maternity photo shoot. The most important things are choosing a good photographer, a good location, and beautiful clothes.


Your comfort is the goal, and your beauty will reflect in the photos in the end. Whatever you choose, your photos will last a lifetime.