My Leads Are On Life Support – What Can I Do?

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A common problem in business is losing a lead. Either they are uninterested or bored and bounce as a result. This is one more victory for your competitors who can count on your leads turning and investing in their business. In simple terms, generation is good but conversion is on life support. Without immediate surgery, the company is going to struggle for the foreseeable future. You’re no surgeon, but it doesn’t take much invasive treatment to get your leads out of the ICU and into therapy.

Let’s take a look at the options on the surgeon’s table. Hopefully, they lead to new blood coming into the business.


Outsource FPOC

FPOC stands for First Point of Contact, and it’s the initial interaction between clients and customers. Outsourcing this vital meeting seems like a terrible idea for many reasons, the main one being you are not in control. Someone else speaks on your behalf and may ruin everything you’ve worked hard to secure. However, some pros outweigh the cons. For one thing, it’s a massive time-saver, plus outsourcers are very good at their jobs. Number two, and this is essential, they think they are already clients according to Legal Intake. Therefore, they are likely to wait longer for a callback. The result is a lead that isn’t going to go bad anytime soon.



Here at MBOM Yoga, this blog likes to preach the importance of communication. It may be teaching your grandma to suck eggs sort of thing, but talking is vital to success. Do it effectively and the business will reap the rewards. Moving on from the first step, the next stone to step on is to call back as soon as possible. Yes, people will wait for a response but they won’t sit by the phone forever. An extra day or two is about all you can afford. Still, it’s better to call within a couple of hours to cement their interest. And, it shows you care.


Nurture The Relationship

Televerde has an infographic which has an interesting piece of info. It states that companies with lead nurturing programs have 9% more reps hitting targets. However, 65% of firms haven’t established a strategy. Are you part of the majority or the minority? If you’re in the former, it’s vital to touch base with leads at every point of the sale. Call them after the initial phone call and tell them the next steps. Then, contact them and explain why there is a delay if there is one. Be proactive.


Qualify Them

Before leads go to the sales team, they need qualifying. What this means is that the people contacting the interested parties should only speak to those who are interested. Too many times, salesmen and women waste time phoning or emailing “leads” with zero interest in making a purchase. Set up a scoring process to rank leads by likelihood and increase the firm’s hit rate.


Leads come and go, but it’s important to convert enough to stay afloat. Are you doing this or could the company be doing better?