Killing Mice Is Cruel! The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Them


It is a scenario that we all dread – you have turned off the TV at night, you go into your kitchen to get a glass of water, only to hear the scurrying of tiny little paws along the baseboards…yes, you have an intrusion of a mouse. Where there is one mouse, there are many, and so you want to take fast action to be rid of mice.  – but you hate the idea of killing them, and want to avoid the danger to your children and pets that spring traps and poison present.

There are many ways to get mice out of your home, but many methods such as using glue traps, traditional snap traps and poison are quite gruesome and inhumane (also often failing to kill the creature) .  You may hate the idea of killing them, and want to avoid the potential dangers and health to your children and pets that spring traps and poison may present.

We are going to explore humane and natural ways to deal with your mouse infestation, and reduce the mess and stress.


The Size Of The Mouse Problem


According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC) website, rats and mice worldwide spread over 35 diseases which can be spread to humans, and the size of the problem is compounded by the staggering fact that the humble house mouse is by far the most common mammal on earth!

Moreover,  in a 2017 survey by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), rodents were found to have at one time or another been a problem for nearly one-third (29 percent) of Americans. The survey also found nearly half of the infestations occurred in the fall and winter months, and most often in the kitchen.

Cold weather usually causes mice to look for shelter and food and if they prefer what they find inside your home to be better than what they find outside, yes, you will have a mouse problem in no time at all.


The Easiest Natural Ways To Prevent Mice


The most obvious way to avoid the stress of dealing with mice infestation is to simple – to prevent or deter them from entering your home in the first place, by ‘mouse-proofing” in the following ways

1. Trash – open trash is a veritable smorgasbord for mice, so make sure that outdoor trash containers are sealed and use plastic bags that neutralize food odor.

2. Pet food –never ever leave your dog’s food outside, and keep pet food supplies in sealed containers

3. Garden care – keep composting containers away from your home and lift it off the ground. Also make sure to clear up any fallen fruit from trees.

4. Points of Entry – the rule is to ‘seal, seal, seal’ any holes, cracks or other openings to your home’s exterior walls be they in water pipes, vents or utility cabling points. Use mesh, or caulking to seal gaps – and don’t forget to make sure that doors and windows fit snugly and use door sweeps and window screens if necessary. Mice only need ¼ of an inch space to get through a hole!



So How Can You Get Rid Of Mice Without Killing Them?


You may not be able to afford an exterminator, and the snap traps and glue that are commonly available can seem gruesome to many people, and along with using poison may pose a hazard to children in your home. These methods may also result in an agonizing death for the mice.

So think about using these humane methods to rid yourself of these little pests: the best locations to use these methods are places the mouse has been —  where you’ve found a nest, crumbs or feces which most often are hidden in dark corners, against walls where the mouse can move about undetected.


Peppermint Oil – it is thought that if cotton wool balls are soaked in this pungent oil, and placed near their nests, it will overload the mice’s senses of smell and help drive them away. The downside? However, the oil will only be a temporary fix because it evaporates, and also can cause allergic reactions in humans.


Sonic Repellent Devices – you will see many of these electrical gadgets in hardware stores, you simply plug them in to an electrical socket and they emit high frequency electromagnetic or ultrasonic waves that are supposed to be uncomfortable to the mice’s sensitive ears. They are simple, quick and clean to use. The downside? There is little evidence that confirms that they repel rodents who are quick to adapt to high frequencies.


Humane mouse traps –  the most effective method of removing mice continues to be the humble mouse trap. Many modern traps capture the mice without harming them these provide a safe and very effective option that avoids killing. There are no dangerous powerful spring mechanisms that could also harm children or pets.

These traps usually have an entry door with a trigger mechanisms and work by placing bait (peanut butter or chocolate is excellent) inside the contained Once the mouse enters, the door is triggered and closes behind it, trapping it inside, alive and well.

There are also versions which use a ramp that work on an identical principle, but can catch several mice, where you bait the trap as you would a door trap. The mouse follows the scent of the food, walking over a hinged ramp to get to the food and the ramp will lift up and trap the mouse. Some of these traps can take up to 30 mice, are reusable and you will not even have to touch the mice – great for those of us with phobias

The downside? It is recommended that will have to take the trap at least a mile away and release the mouse (or mice) in a wooded area to make sure that it (or they) will not return!

In general, whatever humane method you use, do not leave traps in direct sunlight and check the traps regularly – the mice will die from dehydration inside the small containers!

Whatever method you use, do act quickly when you spot the first signs of mouse intrusion, and use this source of information for the best way to get rid of mice in the house, that will help you to locate the best method for you. Happy hunting and you will be rid of those pesky mice in no time at all!