Hormones For Transgenders – Turning Into A Woman To Date A Man

In the last few years, there has been a wave of new genders. There are many new names and labels. It can get quite confusing. Some of them sound the same. People don’t identify with the 2 old – fashioned genders. They feel differently. These people may have been around for a while now. But it is only now that they have a label for how they feel. You have probably heard about most of them.

Transgender people are individuals who believe they're in the wrong body. They don't like their bodies. You can notice them from far away. They stand out with their specific behavior and manners. They also love to dress differently. Most of them go a long way and get corrective surgery. That means that they'll change their gender. This surgery can be quite painful. Their transition doesn't end there. There're a lot of procedures. It's a long and exhausting journey. If you want to be more considerate, you could learn a lot from this link https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/43e899/male-to-female-transition-guide.

Doctor’s Appointment

If you want to change your sex, you would have to do some research first. You could learn so much from people who have already gone through this. You could learn about therapy and recovery. But it's an entirely different thing when talking to a doctor. They'll explain every single detail. They could even let you see how you would look. They have new technology which enables this. They'd genuinely help you. You'll feel safer this way.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

During this therapy, your hormones will be replaced. Instead of testosterone, you will have to take estrogen. But first, you will have to get a medication to block the male hormone. Estrogen works in any body. It doesn't matter which sex organ you have. When you start taking it, you will definitely begin to feel some changes. It is different for everyone. It's only natural. So, don't worry. You will start feeling changes in your breasts.  However, there are many factors. There's your overall health, genetics, and your age.

Some individuals see this therapy as having a second puberty. There are so many changes. Things will start to grow. Others will reduce. You have to remember to take the prescribed dosage of hormones. Don't think that if you take more, you'll change faster. You could damage your health significantly. You shouldn't fool around with hormones. You have to listen to the doctor's instructions.

Sexual Changes

Apart from everything else, you'll start feeling differently sexually. You'll probably go for guys. Thankfully, many guys want to date a transgender female. They prefer them. So, it won't be hard for you to find an ideal partner. You just have to think of ways to get in touch with them. If you didn't know, there're particular dating sites for men who like to date trannies. They like dating a transgender online. You just have to make your own account and start dating.


This is the hormone which will make you feel like a woman. It causes your body to change. Also, you will notice new emotional sensations. You probably haven't felt them before. Don't worry if you feel mood swings. It's a part of being a woman. You will also feel the desire to date a man. It could be taken in by injection, as a pill, cream, spray, or patch. So, you can choose the method. You will have to go on appointments regularly. That way, the doctor can follow your progress.

Testosterone Blockers

You will have to take some medicine to stop the production of testosterone and block it. Most of the blockers are quite safe. But they’re known to cause some side effects. So, if you feel weird, it may be because of them. If you’re unable to handle them, check it with your doctor. Maybe something’s wrong. They will have to do some tests to see if there is anything to worry about.


Last but not least, progesterone does play an essential part in the gender transition. It's linked with an improved libido, mood, and energy. Doctors think it also improves the development of breasts. However, there are still divided opinions about this. There isn't solid proof for this. But, a lot of users feel better when they take it. So, that is what matters in the end. Whether it really functions or it's a placebo, it doesn't matter. You could apply it as a cream or drink it. If you want to read more about the transitioning process and the hormones, click here.

Dating Sites

A lot of people believe they can find true love with the help of dating sites. They've probably tried everything else. Sometimes, it could really be hard for people to connect, especially if they have a specific taste. There are still people who are against trans and homosexuals. So, they often hide their true selves. They’re afraid of not being accepted. This is where online dating comes in handy. You don’t have to put up your real name. You can think of a nickname. You don’t have to worry about privacy. You are well protected.

The best thing about online dating is sitting at home. It's really cost-effective. You still get to meet and socialize. But you do it from home. You don't have to get ready and go out to meet your soul mate. It's actually easier for guys to find you if you're a transgender woman. Everything will be written on your profile. They'll know in advance if you're interested only in casual sex or dating.

 You only have to be 18. They don’t accept underage. When you find your true love online, don’t be afraid to tell them about your transition experience. It’s a part of you. They’ll help you with your hormone intake even. They’ll also be a lot more considerate towards your mood changes. It will be a new experience for them too. Dating a transgender female is not that easy.