Best Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes And Red Hair

By Guest Contributor Kate Smith

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If you’re someone who has hazel eyes, consider yourself lucky! Hazel is one of those rare colors that entail a rare combination of brown, green an even yellow, based on the prevalent light. Its also advantageous in that the liner and eye shadow you select can actually make your eyes look more intense and beautiful without trying too hard. Then there are those warm and earthy options that can extract the naturalness of your pretty hazel eyes.

Eye makeup for hazel eyes step by step

1. Select an eye shadow in gold or brown shade: Selecting such colors will highlight the brownish tinge in your eyes, making them look deeper and more attractive. You may want to opt for a diverse range of colors to be able to experiment with more colors.

For nighttime, try to get dark chocolate gold tones which will automatically attract attention to your stunning eyes.

2. Apply in slow, detailed layers: If you are using an eye shadow palette with more than one tone, ensure that the application is done in different layers to enlarge the size of your eyes.  Here are the steps:

Apply a little bit of medium tone and spread across your lid. Ensure that it is bent the crease of your eyes.

  • Throw in the darkest color at this stage, like hunter green.
  • Now is the time to use the second lightest color like pale green just above the crease color, mixing it into the darkest color.
  • Next, apply the lightest color towards your brow bone and get it highlighted.
  • Ultimately, blend all these colors carefully and correct mistakes, if any. 

3. Use black eyeliner to line your eyes. It is possible that your brown liner might not agree with a green eye shadow, which is why it would be better to select a basic black for lining your eyes. Line your lower as well as upper lids by way of an eyeliner pencil that has been dipped in shadow. You may want to avoid using cool-toned eyeliner with gray or blue undertones, because that could go against your eye color. Instead, opt for warm,  and matted black liner
4. Black mascara: No eye makeup can be complete without applying mascara to lengthen as well as shape your lashes. Black mascara is a good way to draw attention to these green points within your eyes. You could also curl your lashes prior to applying mascara on bottom eyelashes to obtain a more stunning look.
5. Highlighter: Now, use a normal highlighter for highlighting the makeup on other parts of the face so as to draw more attention to your hazel eyes. Go for a creamy highlighter that you can use to obtain a serious look.
Apply the highlighter gently at the eyes’ corners, above the brows as well as on the apples of your cheeks.

Smokey eye makeup for hazel eyes

Here are the steps to do smoky eye make up in the context of hazel eyes:

  • Opt for a warm toned and dark eye shadow. It is critical to select a shadow which will compliment and accentuate your hazel eyes rather than downplaying them. Your endeavor must be to select colors which are warm and smoky, and not cool ones. It is better to skip cool grays and blues and prefer either dark brown chocolate, eggplant or warm gray.
  • Smoky eyeliner. The next step is to use a black eyeliner with underlying reddish undertones to come up with a striking look to complement your hazel eyes. You would do well to apply the eyeliner thickly at the bottom and top lids. You can also use a blending brush for smudging the liner on top and bottom lids and create the desired impact.
  • Accentuate with a gold shimmer:  For a truly unique take on the smoky eye, apply a light layer of shimmery gold eye shadow over your base layer of shadow. Apply a smudge of gold below your bottom lashes as well.

Eye makeup tips for hazel eyes

Experimentation: One of the most significant tips for hazel eyes is the willingness to experiment with colors and a wide range of color shades. Each one of them will highlight a unique color aspect related to your eyes, so go for it!

Use brown and golden eyes:  Chances are that your hazel eyes would end up looking like brown. If that is the case, you would do well to pay some attention to your eye shadows and bring out some interesting brown shades, which can include light brown as well as dark brown.

Go easy on the blues: One of the better hazel eye makeup ideas is to resist the temptation of going berserk on blue shades. Granted, baby and navy blues do look rather pretty on certain days, you may want to avoid blending too many colors all at once, especially if your eyes tend to look a bit greenish or brownish.
The stimulating texture of caramel: In addition to purple, caramel and beige colors are also a great option to highlight those shiny greenish shades on your color combination.  Just by using a caramel eyeliner and backing it up with a beige eye shadow can make a major difference to your look.

Eye shadow for hazel eyes and red hair

Women with hazel eyes and red hair can have any skin tone, ranging from white to medium to darker undertones. Those blessed with darker skin can experiment with dark and bronze tones whereas those with lighter tones can enhance their look by using medium purple or brownish pink shades.
Interesting eye shadow coupled with brow bone colors includes the following shades:

  • Cream
  • Tan
  • Peach
  • Caramel
  • Khaki
  • Mocha
  • Coral
  • Lavender
  • Pale violets
  • Light greens

Darker shades must be chosen for accent or crease shades. Feasible eye shadow options for hazel eye/red hair combination can incorporate these shades:

  • Copper
  • Brown
  • Plum
  • Chocolate
  • Gold
  • Purple
  • Mauve
  • Green
  • Charcoals
  • Chili pepper

So ladies, get ready for hazel effect and rock with favorite, timeless and elegant look.

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