4 Ways To Spot Fake Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are currently one of the most popular beauty trends, which means there are a lot of people selling fake hair extensions as a way to make some quick money.

High-quality hair extensions are not cheap and for good reason. Quality hair extensions are made with real human hair and are designed to last longer, while also providing the wearer with a natural end result.

One full proof way to determine whether hair extensions are real is to burn a few strands over an open flame. If the hair singes and actually smells like burnt hair, the extensions are real. However, if the hair melts, it indicates that it’s made of plastic.

Unfortunately, burning a few strands of hair is not always possible, particularly if you’re buying hair extensions online or at a salon, so here are a few other ways to determine if you may be purchasing fake hair extensions.

Spotting Fake Hair Extensions

1. Look at the cost

If the cost seems a little too good to be true, there’s a good chance the extensions are fake. If you are buying and fitting your hair extensions as a professional salon, keep in mind that you are also paying for the skills of your stylist.

2. Consider the supplier

A reputable hair extensions supplier such as Jadore Hair Supplies & Extensions will always provide you with detailed information on the hair you are purchasing. Find out where the hair was sourced before you purchase it – hair from Russia, Brazil and Indian tend to be the most expensive. It’s also better if all of the hair comes from the same source.

3. Find out if the strands were mixed

Most salons spend time hand-making each strand of their hair extensions as this helps create the most natural end result. If a salon cannot tell you how the strands were mixed, it might be a sign that your extensions are fake.

4. Look at the original packaging

 Before you purchase new extensions or have them installed, ask to see the original packaging. Quality hair extensions are generally packaged in a vacuum sealed bag and are laid out or tied in a ponytail. You will also want to look out for uneven ends, hair that appears to have been highlighted or bleached as well as any damaged cuticles – all cuticles should be facing the same direction.

Discussions with Your Stylist

When you’re dealing with a reputable salon and an experienced stylist, there is already a much better chance that you will be receiving quality human hair extensions. A stylist should always be more than happy to discuss the installation and maintenance of your hair extensions with you, ensuring you achieve the results you’re hoping for.

Heat styling tools can be used on human hair extensions, provided steps are taken to protect the hair. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, can actually start melting if too much heat is used, which will end up damaging your natural hair too. If your stylist encourages you to avoid heat styling, you may want to keep shopping around.