5 Reasons To Have Your Home Inspected For Pests Before Purchasing Bug Spray


Bug spray is a common chemical that you can purchase at most hardware or grocery stores. Seemingly, it’s pretty easy to use a can of something to kill ants or roaches, but there are actually a lot of reasons to contact a local professional by searching, “pest control cockroach treatment,” before you start. Here are five things you should consider before buying bug spray without having a pest control technician inspect your home:


1.       Identification

Carpenter ants and termites are often confused with each other. Both pests like to nest in wood but are treated with different pesticides. You could waste a lot of money trying to treat the wrong pest. Some species of ants can’t be controlled with pesticide. The colony has to be destroyed. Pest control technicians are trained to identify the species and use the least invasive product to control the infestation.


2.       Environmental safety

Pest control products, although safe for general use, do come with risks. Some products can be detrimental to your pets or other species of animals. When you work with a pest control technician, you can use the best product for pest control. Many people use too much insecticide on their own. It’s easy to pick up the wrong product, which means you’ve impacted the ecosystem around your home unnecessarily.


3.       Cost

Purchasing an insecticide and the proper equipment can be expensive. Your professional pest control technician probably has the tools required and the right chemicals. Commercial grade products are strictly regulated but are typically more effective than what you can purchase from your local hardware store. You can be sure that you’re using the right product the first time when you work with your pest control service company.


4.       Having a strategy

A pest control technician will not only help you identify the pest but find the source of the problem. Eradicating pests involves eliminating the colony, preventing re-infestation and removing accessibility. You get information on how to keep your home pest-free once the problem is resolved.


5.       Save you time and frustration

Pest control technicians are valuable assets when it comes to time. By saving you countless hours of treating a problem, you can relax and know your home is pest-free. It can be frustrating when pests keep coming back. A pest control specialist is your partner in protecting your home and family.


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