Couple's Gender Reveal Has An Ending Nobody Saw Coming (VIDEO)

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Imagine this: Your sister just gave birth, and even though she knows the gender of the baby, she's keeping that key info secret from everyone else. Intentionally.

But whatever, you're good-naturally putting up with her husband's sly, "Any last guesses on the gender of the baby, heh heh heh" questions as he leads you into the hospital room for the surprise gender reveal ... and then WHAM. It's not a boy. Oh, no, no, no. In fact, the baby surprise one couple dropped on their family is not a girl either.

It's girls. Ssssss. With an "s." As in twins. As in, we-did-not-plan-for-this-extra-baby-at-the-baby-shower twins. 

Seem cruel? Eh, it's all in good fun. And is it hilarious? Oh yeah. The reactions of the family of the couple who pulled this one are priceless. Watch them:

Let us all take a minute and respect the amount of restraint this prank took. It required months and months of building anticipation and keeping quiet about twice the amount of family news that they thought they had. Bravo, oh wise ones. You might be the most patient couple that ever lived.

Does this or does this not put all other gender reveals to shame? It might be the biggest and best surprise you can get when meeting a baby for the first time unless -- God forbid -- someone decided to surprise you with triplets.

Everyone who meets the little girls seems totally shocked -- and rightly so. That's big news. That's two lifetimes full of birthday cards and presents they're responsible for now, so naturally those poor grandparents are stunned.

JUST KIDDING. It's also twice the joy, and at the end of the day it seems like everyone involved knows just how lucky they are.