10 Things You Need On Your Road Trip This Summer

Stock the car with these items and you'll be prepared to stash anything, such as fresh clams and vintage jam jars. Tuck it all away in the cooler when not in use.

1. A plastic drop cloth underneath a blanket prevents wet grass from putting a damper on picnic plans. Or line the trunk with it when bringing plants home from the store.

2. In addition to the cooler, an accordion organizer ($19, wisteria.com) can keep small items (maps, phone chargers, flashlights) from rolling around in the trunk.

3. and 4. With a moving blanket, you're always ready to wrap up furniture finds -- or have a picnic. Secure it with a bungee cord.

5. Stockpile wipes for hands and sticky accidents.

6. A galvanized bucket can hold flowers or umbrellas.

7. Keep newspaper on hand for bundling up breakables.

8. Stuff grocery bags inside a paper towel roll for carrying produce or trash.

9. For cleaning up spills and drying hands, paper towels are as indispensable in the car as they are in the kitchen.

10. Remove dust or sand from bare feet, shoes, or your car's interior with a mini broom and dustpan.