The Real Reason Why Jennifer Lawrence's Best Actor Presentation was Interrupted


Jennifer Lawrence seemed a bit distracted when she took the stage at Sunday's Oscars to present the Best Actor trophy-though coming off her cool-girl track record, we didn't even bat a lash. As JLaw sauntered onstage in that extraordinary crimson Dior gown, she approached the stage and joked to the audience, "Is this funny?"

As it turns out, the American Hustle actress was fending off Ellen DeGeneres, who cautiously withdrew from the podium in preparation for another onstage tumble, à la JLaw's dramatic Best Actress nosedive last year. While most of us didn't catch Ellen's jest, Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey and the rest of the front-row clearly found it hilarious.

This is essentially the ultimate inside joke to end all inside jokes. Just when we started to feel at one with Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars thanks to that Stars-They're Just Like Us!-style Oscars pizza party, we're subtly reminded that, no, we're not exactly part of their crew. But at least we'll always have JLaw.