Ten Valentine's Day Ideas to Keep the Spark in Your Relationship


Valentine's Day is typically thought of as an occasion for exchanging flowers, cards and chocolates. For some it is a night spent enjoying romantic dinners, all in order to capture the hearts of one's intended. The essence of the holiday lies in the hopes that this will be the year that Cupid's arrow will strike its mark. But what if Cupid's arrow hit its target years ago? Valentine's Day tends to be seen as a single person's pursuit, but the truth is that married couples can, more than anyone else, benefit from the spirit of the day as a way to celebrate their time tested love. It is important for those who are married to maintain a romantic spark. Just because you found the one, does not mean that the courtship phase of your relationship is over. To that end, here is a top ten list of ways that the matrimonial set can make the most of their Valentine's Day:

1. Set your alarm clock earlier than usual, so that you can have time for coffee together, deviating from the hectic morning routine of an energy bar and a mug to go.

2.  Tuck a sweet message under your mate's pillow offering up just a hint of the evening's plan. 

3. Engage in flirty texts to one another during the day in order to build anticipation of the quality time you'll be spending together later on.

4. Send her flowers to work. Yes, ladies want all their co-workers to ooh and ahh over the roses rather than just having them wilting away without an audience on the kitchen counter. 

5. Pick out a cute gift such as a frame to put your favorite photo in, or even a poem dedicated to your beloved. Of course gents, if you are feeling generous, not too many woman will walk away from a bling filled gesture!

6. Make the dinner reservation at a meaningful place from your courtship such as your first date spot or where you first said "I love you". Take time to turn back the clock and retell the stories about how you knew that the other was Mr. or Mrs. Right.

7. If there are kids in the equation, book a baby sitter in advance if you are planning on going out. If not, Feb. 14th may require two dinner seatings (one at 5:30p.m. with nuggets and fries followed by a table for two at 8p.m. just for you and your honey).

8. The ambiance of dinner can set the tone as you both finally have alone time. Include candles, mood lighting and a pact to only discuss uplifting topics (note: extended family and work issues are off the table). This romantic setting is the perfect backdrop for making toasts of gratitude that your relationship is going strong.


9. Whether dining in or out, dessert is best served back home with a serenade of Barry White's music and a tub full of bubbles equipped with champagne flutes to continue the toasting of your love.

10. As the two of you tuck in for the night, what could be more fun than sharing the map inside the lid of a Whitman's sampler as it reveals the location of just the right sweet to fulfill your desires?