More Proof That Kim and Kanye Kreated Kuteness


Most Kimye creative endeavors elicit mixed reviews at best, but let's give credit where credit's due: Kim and Kanye created a really, really cute baby.

Kim Kardashian appeared on Ellen yesterday, where she revealed that her wedding will happen out of the country this summer (the Versailles wedding dream shall never die!) and that Kanye isn't really a "diaper kind of guy" (presumably until Riccardo Tisci makes some leather ones). She also shared these pictures of the chubby-cheeked baby Nori amidst awwws from the audience. (Does anyone else feel a Pavlovian craving for a spicy tuna roll whenever you type her name? Just me?)

Somehow, in that DNA factory of creation, strands of Yeezy's and Kim's chromosomes intermingled to create one of the cutest babies of all time, even if she was dressed in a regular old bow and jumper and not Phoebe Philo's gift from Céline. Maybe Baby North just looks really good with culture.