10 Ways To Bond With Your Teen Daughter


It can be hard to bond with your teenage daughter, you might be busy with work and she probably thinks she has better things to do. Here are ten of the most helpful ways to bring you and her closer.

1. Take your dog(s) on a walk together.

2. Cook dinner together, letting her choose the menu and help shop for the ingredients.

3. Read the same book together and talk about it when you're done reading it.

4. Do a scriptural book study together.

5. Get up early on a Saturday morning, go get coffee, and spend the morning going to yard sales or looking through thrift shops or dollar stores.

6. Make cookies together to give to a friend.

7. Go with your daughter to the concert of her choice.


8. Buy her the materials to start a high school scrapbook. Work on your scrapbooks while she works on hers.

9. Join a local fitness club and work out together. 

10. Go to the local video store and rent a couple of "chick flicks" to enjoy together in the comfort of your home.