Send Your Favorite Camper an Unforgettable Care Package


These easy-to-assemble care packages suit a variety of camper personalities -- see what we've found for yours!

For the Budding Artist

Your creative camper may be taking arts and crafts classes, but she'll be thrilled to have a few art supplies and activities to experiment with in her downtime. Put together a package of kid-friendly tools and instructional kits to get her creative juices flowing.

Design Your Own Backpacks

 Inexpensive and sold in bulk, these drawstring backpacks can be a treat for the whole cabin. Include fabric markers for campers to autograph one another's bags. 

Watercolor Postcards

Your son can use these watercolors and blank postcards to paint pictures of camp life for family and friends.

Friendship Bracelet Kits

Filled with detailed instructions, this book will guide your daughter in making friendship bracelets that she can wear or give to new pals. Include a pack of fluorescent floss for a bright alternative.

Fruit Leather

Use berries and chopped stone fruit to make a variety of fruit leather flavors. Your son will have plenty of these sweet treats to share with bunkmates.

"Nail Art"

Your camper will pick up tips, tricks, and inspiration for painting her nails with this creative kit. It includes a photo instruction book and six shades of water-soluble, nontoxic colors that peel off without polish remover.

Homemade Scrapbook Kit

A scrapbook is a handy place for your daughter to collect mementos as stays at camp. Assemble a scrapbook kit with a binder, sheets of 8" x 11" card stock, and clear sheet protectors. Organize pre-punched shapes and stickers in clear pocket pages and include a zipper pouch filled with tools, a glue stick, and pens.


For the Bookworm

 Though summer camp boasts a flurry of group activities, your book-lover can spend his quiet time diving into the adventures between the pages. Fuel his need to read with a personalized package of age-appropriate novels and reader-friendly tools. 

Brag Book

Remind your daughter of how much you miss her with a small picture book filled with snapshots of siblings and family pets. Add sentimental or silly messages to photos with talking bubble sticky notes.

Reading Lights

 If your ravenous reader isn't out like a light at bedtime, she can use one of these small lamps to illuminate a book under the covers without disturbing other campers

Blank Bookmarks

Your camper and his bunkmates can personalize these blank bookmarks with drawings and doodles.

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Novels

Even if your daughter has never read one of these timeless tales, she's sure to get sucked into the mysterious stories of young sleuths and capers.

Puffed Rice Trail Mix

This crunchy trail mix includes a healthy blend of pumpkin seeds, sesame sticks, and roasted peas that your camper will love munching on.

Bare Books Journals

With plain white covers just begging to be decorated, these journals are a perfect place for your daughter to record her camp memories.

To create a storage spot for pens, sew a simple loop out of felt to encircle the front cover. Then stitch a pocket on the loop and tuck a couple of pens inside.


For the Gamer

If his game face is always on, then your camper will certainly enjoy this package of interactive games and activities. Send a mix of things that he can play alone and with friends to ensure he stays entertained throughout his camp stay.

Board Game Playing Cards

Your daughter has a new way to play her favorite board games with these playing cards, which take their themes from Scrabble and Monopoly.

Summer Camp Mad Libs Junior

The whole bunk can participate in this camp-themed edition of Mad Libs, which features silly fill-in-the-blank scenarios to make kids laugh out loud.

Travel-Friendly Games

Perfect for solitary play or a match with bunkmates, these compact games can be tucked into a backpack for an on-the-go competition.

Activity Books

These illustrated instruction books include everything your child needs to master a craft. She'll be "shooting the moon" in no time!

Cajun Popcorn

Your camper will stay at the top of his game by snacking from this tin of this flavored popcorn.

"The Book of Cards for Kids"

 Featuring an oversize deck of cards that's easy for small hands to hold, this kit includes 35 kid-friendly card games that your daughter can play alone or with up to five other campers


For the Adventurer

Camp offers plenty of adventures, but your camper might enjoy having his own tools for a solo mission. Send a package full of everything he'll need for explorations in the water, in the woods, or by the campfire.

Skin Care

Adventures can take a toll on your camper's skin. Make sure she's ready for anything, from daytime swimming to evening campfires, with skin care products like insect repellant, sunscreen, and lip balm with SPF.

Keepsake Volleyball

Send a volleyball that does double duty as a sport and as a keepsake. Throw in a few Sharpies so friends and bunkmates can autograph or decorate it after the game is over.

Fig Pinwheels

Campers will never know that you sneaked a few healthy ingredients like orange juice, apple juice, and figs into this dessert. Be sure to send enough for sharing!

Compass and Binoculars

Your camper will never get lost in the woods when he carries this compass with a signal mirror and whistle to communicate with fellow explorers.

Underwater Camera

Swimmers will love capturing action shots of friends in the water with this camera. Outfit your camper with a basic pair of flip-flops to wear while photographing.