High Tech Collar Links To App, Will Report On Your Dog’s Health


We all wish our pets could talk. Apart from the fact that it would be very cute, they would also be able to communicate important information with us. Like when they were sick, we only ever notice something when it is too late. But this device, Whistle, is looking to aid early detection of problems.

This startup developed by Ben Jacobs is providing a solution to that problem. The device has a price tag of R1,000 and simply clicks onto your pet’s collar. It then monitors the dog’s activity in comparison to an animal of similar breed, size, weight and age.

The main goal of Whistle is to provide a wearable health technology for dogs. Thereby increasing the level of preventative care for your animals. The device comes with a collar attachment, charging dock and app.

This startup is no game, with 20 employers coming from Google, Apple and Amazon. Jacobs has a pedigreed work force to ensure your pets receive the proper and appropriate medical care before its too late.

The device is currently only available via the company’s website but Jacobs hopes the device will be available in pet stores in the near future.