UGG Boots for Christmas Again? Mocked Footwear Still Tops Shopping List


Everyone has an opinion about UGG boots. Some say the sheepskin styles are the most comfortable shoes of all time, while experts insist they're horrible for your feet. Many people think the boots the warmest winter option, while others joke that they'd rather be freezing than wear the hideous shoes.

UGGs have even been banned from a few schools after students got caught sneaking cellphones in the generously sized boots. Nevertheless, despite the decade-long debate over the controversial footwear, UGG boots have reclaimed their position as the most popular fashion item this holiday season. Google shared its Black Friday search results, and UGG boots are at the top of the fashion list, with North Face clothing and Nike Air Jordans claiming the next two spots. 

The truth is, this often-mocked footwear design remains a cozy cold-weather staple among adults and children alike, and thus it's a popular holiday gift. Decker Outdoor Corporation, the parent company for UGG Australia, has had an exceptional year, with its stock increasing by 40 points since January.

Maybe this is due to a lack of competition. Other trendy cold-weather footwear like leather booties, motorcycle boots, riding boots, and wellies, may look more stylish than UGGs, but perhaps they cannot compare in terms of warmth or practicality. Wearers say that UGGs feel like slippers, which aligns with the trend in recent years of comfort dressing in sweatpants and pajamas outside the house. The real secret to UGGs' continuous popularity may remain a mystery, but they have somehow outlasted Crocs and every other recent footwear fad as the company has constantly cranked out new versions of its classic short boots. Here are some of are favorites!