10 Nail Tips Every Girl Should Know: You Just Can’t Miss Them!

We all want to have beautiful nails that people notice, right?

By following these simple tips, you can have dreamy nails while saving time and money.

We all want to have beautiful nails that people notice, right? Beautiful nails are associated with feminine delicacy and coquetry. Maybe you don’t have much time to fix them yourself, or you just can’t spend a fortune on weekly manicures, but you want them to stand out. By following these simple tips, you can have dreamy nails while saving time and money.

Protect your nails

Everyday things like excessive contact with water, the use of pressure tools and the computer keyboard, continually weaken your nails. To avoid this, try to use rubber gloves when doing household tasks. Leave the weighty tools for men. Reinforce your nail polish with a coat of gloss twice a week, and remember to put some extra on the upper edge to protect them from damage caused by the keyboard.

File more, cut less

It’s better to file the nails on your hand than cut them. The pressure of a nail clipper weakens the nail corners, causing them to break more easily at the sides. Use a steel file with course/fine grades on each side – you’ll get the job done much quicker with one of these compared to an emery board. If you want to have longer nails, definitely leave the nail clippers for the feet. Maintain your hand nails using only the nail file. Don’t leave home without it.

Avoid filing the enamel

When you apply an intense colored or glittered nail polish, it often proves to be harder to remove. Often people believe that nail polish remover is not sufficient in those circumstances, so tend to use the file. But you should avoid filing the old enamel since this can weaken the nail and cause fungus. You can fix it by using a cotton swab dipped in polish remover and wrap your fingers one by one in aluminum foil. You’ll need to have your fingers wrapped for 5 to 10 minutes. When you remove the foil, your nails should be clean again.

Buff your nails

Buffing the nails helps to prevent undesirable yellow spots from appearing. Buffing helps keep them healthy. Use a nail buffer to polish them before painting. Use the buffer from the coursest to the finest face, but do the buffing gently. This will also protect the nails from fungi and will help the enamel to last longer.

Use thin layers

A thick layer of enamel takes longer to dry and can be easily damaged. Also when you have the polish on for a few days, it can be much harder to remove. Ideally, you should use thin layers of polish, which should include a clear base (can be gloss or white), several thin layers of the selected color and a final application of clear enamel to protect your nail art. If using one of the longer lasting gel-based nail polishes like Svensson nail polish, then just follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the nail kits.

The right technique

Painting the nails with a professional finish is possible if you use the correct technique. First, be sure to unload the brush a little on the edge of the container. Support the brush in the center of the nail when beginning. This way, any surplus polish will run to the sides and the bottom edge. You’ll take advantage of the nail’s natural curvature, and it’ll be easier to spread the polish all over the surface, leaving a light and even layer.

Always moisturize

Every time we wash our hands, soap or other chemicals dry cuticles and nails. It’s important to hydrate them to keep them healthy. When preparing for your manicure, take a few extra minutes for this task. You can use neutral pH cream, olive oil or baby cream (they are all effective and quite natural products). Perform a small massage motion on each nail and allow the cream to penetrate the area. Then remove the excess with a clean cloth, and let them dry before starting to paint them.

Fixing a single nail

Sometimes we cause irreparable damage to the polish of a single nail which requires us to remove the polish and start over again with that nail. But accidentally touching the remover on other nails could ruin those as well. So when fixing an individual nail, use a rubber glove with one finger cut off, to repair only the nail that we have damaged. Then you can paint that nail again without worrying about damaging the others.

Brighter Colors

Sometimes the varnishes may look more opaque on drying than on the package. This happens more often with intense pearly colors and neon tones. To solve this you can use a base layer of white enamel instead of clear, and then paint it with the colored polish, and immediately you will notice how the color you use looks more alive.

Don’t forget your feet

When we do a pedicure with a professional, they always soak our feet for a long time before beginning. The reason is that this softens the nails and loosens the dead skin, making easier to cut the nails and remove any excess skin. If you don’t have time to soak your feet at home, you can achieve much the same results if you start your pedicure right after bathing or showering.

Now you know everything you need to know to have perfect homemade nails. Put these tips into practice and your nails will soon be looking like they have been manicured by a professional. And don’t forget to try some nail art too. Try creating new trends with your nails by following your instincts. Become your own manicurist!