A Must-Have For Fashionable Foodies!

It's the conundrum as old as time itself: how do you carry a warm, crispy French stick home from the boulangerie without bending it, breaking it, munching on it or dropping it in a puddle?

The answer? Arm yourself with a trusty baguette bag and Bob's your uncle (or, if we're being pedantic, 'Bob est votre oncle'). Never again will the delicious white loaf flop out of its measly, open-ended cellophane sleeve and into the gutter.

'The CYAN's Baguette Bag guarantees your trip home from the bakery will never be the same,' write the Ukrainian manufacturers on their website.

Made especially for the baguette fans, the Baguette Bag protects the fluffy loaf while keeping your hands free,' the bread-lovers continue, explaining how to sling the zippered shoulder bag over one shoulder, thus leaving your hands free to carry the rest of your shopping. 

(And ensuring you're not tempted to take a nibble off one of those enticing ends...)

Available in natural brown, yellow, green and grey, the 100 per cent cotton bag comes with an adjustable strap - so you can send anyone to fetch your warm bread, regardless of their height.

CYAN, the brand that designed the bags, is a young Ukraine-based team of experienced specialists creating 'non-standard' contemporary clothing and accessories.

To learn more about CYAN, visit their website here: http://cyan.com.ua/