Dad Who Dressed Up As Spider-Man To Surprise Dying Son, Vows To Help Other Kids With Cancer

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An inspirational dad who made his own Spider-Man costume to cheer up his son dying of cancer has vowed to help other children struck down with the disease.

Mike Wilson lost his son Jayden on Christmas Eve after the five-year-old lost his battle with a Grade 4 Brain Stem tumour.

But now, the super SpiderDad is hoping to raise money for the charity Naomi House, which played a vital role in Jayden's life during his illness.

Mike told Mirror Online said: "Jayden was able to come home Christmas Eve, where he spent his last few hours with his family, and later that night, peacefully passed away warm in his bed.

"I am currently running a fund raising campaign in my son's honor, called Hope For Jayden.

"Unfortunately he passed away over Christmas after battling a brain tumour. He was only 5 years old. The fund raising campaign is for Naomi House who played an incredibly supportive role in Jayden's life, as well as support for our family.

"Our goal is to raise as much money as possible for the charity over the course of 2015.

"The vision is to announce, on the anniversary of him coming home at Christmas, the total sum of money raise in Jayden's honour."

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Mike originally developed the idea for SpiderDad to make his son's dreams come true on his fifth birthday.

It was just after his fourth birthday, in August 2013, that Jayden was given just one year to live.

On his website Mike says: "SpiderDad was created, not only to make a boys dream come true, but to inspire many other families around the world. To bring happiness and joy, in times which are very difficult."

The video Mike made, where he jumps off the roof of his house to surprise his son, has almost 10 million views.

At the time, Mike, a freerunner, said: "I felt so happy after I spent 30 minutes playing with him and his new toys 'as Spider-Man'.

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"The whole family was there watching and even their faces were amazed.

"The kids had no idea it was me, as mummy told them daddy went to the shop to get a few things for Jayden's party.

"When daddy came home the kids went crazy, saying: 'Daddy, daddy, guess what? Spider-Man came to see Jayden!'.

"Jayden's face was so excited as it clearly made his day."

You can support SpiderDad's fundraising efforts HERE