Terminally-ill Dad takes daughter on dream holiday thanks to generous Community

Terminally-ill dad was provided a chance to enjoy one last family holiday with his five-year-old thanks to the people of South-port.

Damien Myles, 42, was diagnosed with terminal cancer just weeks ago.

His daughter, Ruby, said that she wanted to spend their last holiday in Disneyland ''before the angels came for him''.

Based at the Wellington pub in East-bank street, his family and friends quickly organised fundraising and within just one week they had raised thousands towards their final dream holiday together as a family.

Ruby's mum, Laura, said: ''I am absolutely overwhelmed by the people of South-port who have raised so much money for Ruby to enjoy this last holiday with her dad.''

''Ruby knows that Damien is very poorly, but doesn't fully understand that he will die- we only told her properly yesterday.''

''He got worse while we were away, but he managed to pull through; it was only when we got home that he was told the cancer had now spread to his brain and he now only has weeks to live.''

Ruby enjoyed a week-long trip to the fairytale land in Paris with her dad, surrounded by Princesses and other Disney characters, whilst Damien's health continued to deteriorate.

Laura said: ''Ruby had a fantastic time; she had an absolute ball and we made some very special memories.''

Damien and Laura met each other in a local pub and their relationship blossomed from there.

The couple sadly separated three years ago, but the pair remained close friends.

Damien continues to stay at Ruby and Laura's home in Manchester as he is extremely ill. 

Damien worked as a successful, self-employed builder before he won his battle with cancer last year, only to learn it had returned. But this time it was terminal. 

Wellington landlady Annie McTaggart has organised most of the fundraising events for the family, along with the pub's weekly 'ladies nights' and 'charity football', helping to bring in extra cash.

Annie said: ''We have all worked so hard and i am overwhelmed by the generosity of people.'' ''We have had people just ringing up and asking how they can make a donation.' 

''We think we have enough to pay the generous businessman who fronted the money for the trip and any extra money will go into a trust fund for Ruby for when she turns 18.''

A Mrs.Johannsen, from the Wirral, was one of the donors who had seen our story and felt so moved that she generously donated £200.

She said: ''We often hear so much horrible news and reading Ruby's story just moved me so much that I wanted to help them pay the kind businessman back.'' 

''I hope they had a wonderful time and made lot's of happy memories.''

Photo Source: Mirror.co.uk