Jason Sudeikis Talks Being A Dad And Defends His Wife

Image via: WeGotThisCovered

Image via: WeGotThisCovered

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde recently became the parents of an adorable little boy named Otis.

While most people change when they become parents, Jason said that he was surprised just how much fatherhood changed him.

He said that he used to take his time getting home after working on a show or film and was disappointed when his friends, who were already fathers, wanted to rush home instead of going out for drinks.

He said that now he finds himself skipping drinks to rush home to his family and knows how his friend and colleague Charlie Day felt when they were working onHorrible Bosses together.

“I mean, as these guys well know, I remember a lot of times Charlie wanting to get home from set and saying, ‘I’ve got to say goodnight to my boy,’ and before [fatherhood] happens, you’re just kind of like ‘Come on, man, let’s get a beer! Now I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, yeah I get that. Let’s get home and say hi to the little guy. Tickle him a little bit, before he falls asleep,’” he said according to Yahoo News.

Jason just finished working on Horrible Bosses 2, which will hit theaters later this month. He said that fatherhood has also changed the way he looks as his wife and also took a moment to defend the heavily-criticized breastfeeding photo that she allowed Glamour to share of her.

“That was great. That’s a working mom,” Jason told Access Hollywood. “[It was] not planned. He was there, and he did a little pop in visit to see mom and duty called.”

It seems like Jason and Olivia are extremely happy to be parents and are embracing all of the changes parenthood is bringing to their lives.

By Ellisha Rader Mannering