Dad Draws intricate Heroes on Daughters' napkins

(Photo: Jimmy Ettele)

 A lot of parents write sweet notes to put in their kids' lunches, but this dad takes his notes to a whole new level.

Jimmy Ettele's 9-year-old daughter asked for a note one day, so he grabbed a napkin and a blue ballpoint pen, and started drawing.

After his daughter Emma loved his first intricate drawing of Thor, Ettele didn't stop. His drawings include amazingly detailed drawings of Batman...

Hans Solo and Chewbacca...

And other famous heroes. He hasn't had any formal art training since high school, but you'd never know.

He currently works as an estimator for a roofing company in Reading.

9-year-old Emma loved the first picture, and kept asking for more. Eventually, his 12-year-old daughter, Hannah, wanted some too.

Now he Instagrams and tweets out the awesome drawings, with the hashtag #HeroNapkins.

He now asks the girls not to use the napkins to wipe their mouths, and they bring them home afterwards.

"They've gotten to the point where they get two napkins a day," Ettele told "My napkin budget is through the roof."

He told TODAY that he tries to make the drawings as intricate as possible, and he knows the napkin is a success if his daughters ask for another.

(Photo: Jimmy Ettele)

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