Kanye West Refuses To Change North West's Diapers?!


Kanye West is embracing parenthood and he has reportedly has put his all into his new role as a dad. Sources claim that he hasn't left his daughter North for a second since she was born.But there is one thing that the new daddy doesn't embrace - changing diapers.

"He's not changing diapers, ever," an insider revealed to Us Magazine this week. But the another source added that the rumors were "nonsense" and that Kanye is obsessed with his little girl: "He doesn't leave North for more than an hour. Kanye holds the baby all the time."

There were similar rumors a couple of weeks ago claiming that Kim Kardashian refused to breastfeed, but that turned out to be false. "Kim is breast-feeding constantly," a source said of the first-time mom. "She's loving it ... when you walk in to see them, it's clear. They are naturals."