One Of The Coolest Gift a Dad Could Give Or What!??!

This dad deserves an award! The opening title of the video says: The story of a father who sent his son’s favorite toy train to space!

Ron Fugelseth attached his son’s favorite toy train, Thomas the Tank Engine to a weather balloon fully equipped with GPS and a camera for a trip 18 miles into space. All is captured on video, including the 18 miles back down after the balloon explodes.

Watch the video closely, you will notice Ron has taken time to animate the train’s face throughout the trip. This video is very well done and it a great example of an involved dad who obviously takes his son’s love of space seriously. Nice job, dad!

Ron not only shows an example of being involved, but he adds on his YouTube notes exactly what he did for safety concerns. Ron points out that he follow FAA regulations prior to launch in order to watch out for planes. This dad thought of everything, from exact building specifications to spending two months monitoring winds patterns so as to pinpoint the general area of landing. 

Ron says, “I didn't want Stanley to be a murderer. Plus I wanted to make sure my son got Stanley back. :)”