Josh Duhamel's Baby Axl Illustrates How Boring Super Bowl XLVIII Was—See the Adorable and Hilarious Pic!


You were not alone Axl Jack.

In a funny Twitter photo shared by dad Josh Duhamel, the adorable 5-month-old tot was caught mid-yawn (so precious!), and Duhamel saw this as a golden opportunity to crack a joke about how uneventful last night's Super Bowl was.

"Finally thoughts on #SB48 ....," the actor captioned the picture, and quickly followed up with the edit, "***FINAL*** thoughts!!"

Leave it to Autocorrect to ruin a perfect Twitter moment! It's OK, it was still great, Duhamel.

Pop star Fergie and Duhamel welcomed their first child in late August, and even though Axl is still a young one, he is already taking after his mama and showing off his pipes.

"He's starting to try to talk to me and sing with me," Fergie told E! News in December. "I'll sit there and I'll sing songs to him and he'll just look at me and he'll laugh and he'll try to chime in. He makes these really weird sounds! And I'll just clap like the proud mama I am."

But the famous mom isn't going to force her child to follow in her career footsteps. "I'll support him in whatever he wants to do, but it's just really fun with me as a singer right now, getting to have that little connection," she told us.

Maybe he can be a professional yawn model? Because he's definitely killin' it.

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