Watch Toddler's Absolutely Heart Melting Reaction To Having Dad Pick Her Up From First Day Of School

Image: Youtube/xxMIA METALxx

Image: Youtube/xxMIA METALxx

A doting dad had intended on filming his baby daughter's reaction when he brought his camera along to collect her from play school for the first time.

But he surely did not expect to capture quite possibly the sweetest response you are ever likely to see from his excited, and slightly relieved, youngster.

Walking along the corridor of the Texas play school, the dad filmed through the window of the classroom and focussed on his toddler attempting to reach for a toy from a shelf.

She seems relatively content, despite being on her own, and is completely unaware that she is being watched by her father.

Pausing for a moment to film her looking around, the dad continues along the corridor and points the camera through the classroom door.

His young daughter stands with his back to him before turning around and taking a book from a miniature shelf.

The dad then makes his presence known by saying: 'Hey baby girl,' and the toddler responds by looking up at the camera in delight.

Opening her mouth as wide as it can go, the youngster screams in excitement and begins running towards her father.

She makes it to the door and shouts 'dada' while reaching upwards with her hands, as if desperate to escape play school for the day.

The video concludes with the father saying: 'Hey baby doll,' and the toddler opening the door in order to let him in.

Since being posted to YouTube the video has been viewed nearly two million times.

User Richard Sintchak commented on the clip saying: 'I get this for my little girl too. Isn't it wonderful?' while ibe_kenzie wrote: 'My reaction to my mom after my first week of college.'