5 Father’s Day gifts for geeky dads.

We love our dads. We love our geeky dads. So of course we want to put together some of our favorite Father’s Day gifts for geeky dads that we’ve been seeing, loving, and bookmarking for ourselves. Great news: You don’t have to shop at your local comic shop to find something perfect.

Some you can still order now in time, some you can find in local shops, some will just offer some needed inspiration.


Recently on Cool Mom Picks, we found the fantastic 3D cookie cutters from Printmeneer on Etsy. But for a geeky dad we have to go with a Pi cookie cutter, from their section dedicated to geometry and math. ($8.38, Printmeneer)

Star Wars silk ties because on first glance, they just look like a sophisticated men’s accessory. On closer inspection of the four designs, you can see the Imperial Logo, Rebel Logo, or tiny little Vader heads.  ($54.99+, Think Geek)





It’s getting late for any personalized gifts, but this Periodic Table keychain that spells out Father in elemental symbols feels personal, sentimental, and totally fun. ($24, Lark and Juniper)




Geek Dad Guide to Weekend fun and Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists. Admit it, haven’t you always wanted to know how to make your own custom Lego Minifigs? ($12.50, Amazon affiliate, or $11 on Kindle]






 Vader and Sonand Vader’s Little Princesshumorously depicting the somewhat dysfunctional relationship between Leia and her Dad in Star Wars Style. ($9.17 Amazon affiliate, or starting at $5 from third-party sellers)